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The 96th Edition: Rabi II, 1432 A.H.

Commandments to the Tumultuous Nations

While delivering his speech on the Friday prayer in Tehran, Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) considered that the occasion of triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in 22 Bahman (11th February) is being honored this year more than in the other years, and he presented the deep and the essential changes that resulted because of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution clarifying that: "these deep changes continued with the blessing of the people's steadfastness during the last 32 years; today, after many years of struggling, the Iranian people see that their voices are being heard very well in the last events that happened in North Africa especially in the Islamic awareness for both nations, the Egyptian and the Tunisian ones."

The Map that the dominant countries drew for the Middle East

His Eminence described this map which was drawn by the dominant countries of the Middle East ones by saying: they were planning to let the countries be weak, disputed, guided by traitor leaders and subordinated to the west, in addition to letting it be consumed ones from the economical side, and scientifically underdeveloped, subordinated culturally to the west, weak from the military side, depraved, and superficial, personal, and external from the religious side; all these things are from the features and horizons which the dominate countries had drawn for the Middle East countries.

His Eminence Imam Khamenei clarified that: the rise of the great Islamic Revolution and the appearance of the deceased Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) who is a great, prominent, scholar, jurisprudent, struggler, and a courageous person and fears nothing, had reversed the western strategy and defeated it in the great middle east countries.

The Enemies' plans for aborting the Islamic Revolution

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) explained the enemies' plans and their initiatives that aim to abort the Islamic revolution and he clarified that the enemy was following three goals through all these plans.

The first goal:
Toppling the revolution and the Islamic regime in Iran.

The second goal: It is related to America; in case of failing to toppling the regime, then they can keep the form and aspect of the revolution, but getting rid of the revolution's spirit.

The third goal:
In case of the continuous of the Islamic regime, then they should fall back upon the weaken ones, who are considered prominent members in the country's issues and they form a weak and guided regime that can't face America.

His Eminence considered that the presence of the aware Iranian people, the good elites, and chaste governors in the countries, will in turn frustrate all the enemies' goals.

He (May God keep him) added to say that the great respect that the nations harbour for the Islamic revolution reverts to the dependence and the political dignity that have great gravity among the nations.

The Supreme leader touched on the Islamic revolution achievements concerning: the sovereignty of the people's religion, the presence of personal scientific self-esteem, and the national self-esteem, the influence of Iran in the regions and the world issues; he added to say that Iran is no longer a traditional country from the cultural side. And he emphasized on the idea that the regime is an Islamic one as he and the other people uttered. Besides, he praised the Islamic situations that are present in the society, and explained the country's plans that aim to spread the social justice. Besides, he focused on the principle that the revolution hangs on in front of that requires to fight oppression ones in the world, and not to be cringed.

His Eminence had laid stress on the idea that the firmness and the steadfastness of the people and the Islamic regime throughout 32 years, had in turn augmented the greatness of the Iranian people in front of the other nations, and this difficult act produced the divine bless and the mercy and day after day, the great results will be revealed.

The Latest occurrences in North Africa

The second speech that the Leader (May God keep him) delivered was concerned with the occurrences that are happening in North Africa. He described what is happening that it is an incident that can change all the oppressions' equations in this region for the Islam interest and the nations as well; "this unfeasible incident started by the Tunisian people and come to its climax by the rational and great Egyptian people", the leader stated.

And he counted off the features of Egypt that it is characterized by, such as: its land, people, scholars, great figures, and history.

'The explosion that we are noticing in the Egyptian people these days is: 'the convenient answer for the great treason that this traitor dictator did as to his people. He added saying that every one who knows Egypt understands clearly that it is struggling for its dignity and honour'. The Leader stated.

'Egypt had been afflicted with treasons that had seized its dignity. They had degrades a nation with dignity in order for them to satisfy the pride and the arrogance of their enemies.'

'The domination of America upon the governors of Egypt had scattered all the efforts of the previous nations in supporting the Palestinian and had exchanged the Egyptian regime to become a bitter enemy to Palestine and a superior protector for the aggressor Zionists'. What we are witnessing in Cairo and in the other Egyptian countries are an explosion for this sacred anger, and these accumulated problems that dominate the freed people during the long years due to the positions of this traitorous, and treacherous regime that is opposite to Islam.'

'The revolution of the Muslim Egyptian nation is a liberal one, and I on behalf of the Iranian citizens and the Iranian revolutionist government greet the Egyptian and the Tunisian citizens asking God to grant them a definite triumph. I feel glorified and honoured with their revolution.'

His eminence addressed a group of commandments for both the Tunisian and the Egyptian nations and for the other nations that might revolt in the future.

He hinted that the nations' revolutions are related to the geographical, historical, political, and cultural situations that are related to its countries. What happened before more than 30 years in the Islamic revolution in Iran is not expected to happen in Egypt or Tunis or any other country, but we can also find some commons, and the experiences of any nation might be beneficial for the other countries. His eminence presents some experiences that he finds beneficial in these situations:

First: In reality the nations' revolution is a war between two wills: the will of the people, and that of its enemies. Sure, who ever was more powerful and has more dignity, and has the ability to bear the difficulties will be the triumphant one. God say in His holy Quran: Indeed, those who have said, "Our Lord is Allah" and then remained on a right course - the angels will descend upon them, [saying], "Do not fear and do not grieve but receive good tidings of Paradise, which you were promised.﴿. Enemies are trying to weaken your will by their power and deception, so be aware not to let your will be weakened.

Second: Enemies are trying to let you be despaired from achieving your goals but the divine promise says: And We wanted to confer favor upon those who were oppressed in the land and make them leaders and make them inheritors﴿. You should trust in God's promise and for this respect He say: And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might﴿

Third: Enemies are carrying along you their security powers in order to let you feel frightened and confused. Don't fear them. You are more powerful than those mercenaries. Now, you are in a situation similar to that when God Almighty addressed the Messenger of Allah by saying: If there are among you twenty [who are] steadfast, they will overcome two hundred.﴿ By trusting in God Almighty, and by depending on the jealous youth, you can surpass on every frivolity and terror.

Fourth: The most important weapon for the nation to confront the enemies and face the traitor governors is to unite and be in harmony with each others. Enemies are trying to crumble your cohesion by cunning ways, such as raising the perverted slogans, and presenting people who are not trusted to be alternative to the traitor president. Protect your unity around the religion and rescue your country from the badness of the enemies' traitors. This verse comes to support our idea: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.﴿

Fifth: Don't trust in what the west and America are playing and in the political maneuver that they are doing in your revolution. Few days before, those were supporting the decayed regime, and today, after they had despaired from preserving it, they started supporting the nations. Those are trying to substitute a traitor with another traitor, and to shed the lights on some people so that they can impose their traitors upon you. This is an affront to the people's feelings. You should refuse it, and don't agree with less than a regime that is stable, complete, dependent, democratic, and believes in Islam.

Sixth: This situation, recommends from the scholars and Al-Azhar Mosque, "mosque of the most resplendent", with its well known struggle history, to rebel in a prominent way. For when the people start their revolution from the mosques and from the Friday prayers raising the slogan "God is the greatest", then what is expected from the scholars is to take a prominent attitude; hence, this will be the most suitable thing.

Seventh: The Egyptian army who holds the legion of honor of participating in at least two wars against the Zionist army is being subjected today to a great historical test. The enemy is wishing for curbing the masses. God forbid, if this happens, this will form a gap which can't be filled for this army who is proud. He who trembles in front of the Egyptian army should be the Zionist army and not the Egyptian people. Undoubtedly, some of the Egyptian army who are members of the nation and sons of it as well will join the masses if God will. Then, the nice experience will be repeated in Egypt for the second time.

Eighth: Finally, America now who had supported the traitors' governors for 30 years in contrast to the Egyptian people's will is not in a situation that qualifies it to Egypt's issue neither in an intervention nor in a counsel. Don't trust in any single recommendation or step from America, keep on doubting it.

(The speech which the Supreme Leader of the Muslims had delivered in the Friday prayers in Tehran University, 3/2/2011)

His Eminence clarified that the Iranian nation will continue working to succeed and develop till they reach all the peaks and reach the pleasant life in the present life and in the hereafter.

The Leader’s activities

Charging a delegation representing his Eminence to console one of Madina Al-Mounawara scholars 29/1/2011

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) had charged Ayatollah Janaty and Houjjat Al-Islam Marwy to represent him in consoling the family of the scholar sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Amry, one of the Shiah scholars in Al-Hijaz, and to participate in the consolation ceremonies.

Visiting Imam Khomeini’s (May his secret be sacred) grave on the occasion of 12 Bahman 1/2/2011.

In the anniversary of the first day of the revolution’s victory, the day of the historical return of Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) to Iran, Imam Khamenei visited the tomb of the deceased Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred), and he recited for him the blessed opening chapter. After that, his eminence visited the tombs of the other martyrs in “Bahesht Al-Zahraa” cemetery.

Sending a consolation letter on the occasion of the death of one of the martyrs’ fathers 3/2/2011

Imam Khamenei had sent a consolation letter to the family of the two martyrs Mahdi (one of the commanders’ martyrs on the battlefront) and Majeed Zein Al-Dein; he described the martyrs’ father hajj Abed Al-Razzak as an energetic and a believer person, and he had gone through exams successfully with patience and pride.

Imam of the Friday Prayer in Tehran 4/2/2011

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) had lead the Friday prayer in Tehran. While delivering his speech during the prayer, he touched on the occasion of the Islamic revolution victory in Iran, and he emphasized that this year and during these days, it is being acquired a different enthusiasm; and he ended his speech by presenting a group of advises for the rebelled nations in these days and for those who might rebel in the future.

Meeting a group of leaders and members of the air forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran army 8/2/2011

His eminence described during his meeting a group of leaders and members of the air forces in the Islamic Republic army, the achievements and inventions of the air forces in the fields of manufacturing the spare parts, the simulation, the training, and organizing are so important. He stressed that we should continue this and not to be satisfied just by this develop.

Appointing a president and staff management for center of the scientific hawazah services 12/2/2011

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) issued a statement appointing Houjjat Al-Islam Sayyed Hassan Rabany a president for the board of directors of the Scientific Hawza Services Center for a term of 5 years. In addition, he appointed new members for the mentioned center… His eminence thanked Al-Sayyed Abo Al-Hassan Nawaab to his services that he had served during the years when he was the president of the center, hoping for the new president to succeed in fulfilling all his duties.

Approving on the amnesty and commuting the penalties for some of the convicted 12/2/2011

In accordance with the suggestion of judiciary president Ayatollah Larijany and the recommendation of a charged committee, the supreme leader of the Muslims (May God keep him), on the occasion of the 32 years of the Islamic Revolution victory, issued rules to forgive and commute the penalties for 661 persons who were condemned with rules in the general courts and revolutionary ones, and the military courts.

Meeting the Turkish President Abdullah Ghoul and his accompanying delegation 15/2/2011

While meeting the Turkish president Abdullah Ghoul and his accompanying delegation, his eminence Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) declared that: the dependence in front of the west, staying away for the Zionist entity, and supporting the Palestinian people, are among the important things that had lead Turkey to approach form the Islamic nation.

Notifying the general policies of the regime 18/2/2011

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) announced set of general policies that form a proof for the executive, legislative, and censorship boards and specify the direction of general policy for the regime. The policies included the following topics: "Jihad and preference culture", "constructional planning", "housing", "encouraging the investment", and the "defense".

Meeting a great number of the people of East Azarbaijan Province 20/2/2011

His Eminence Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) had met a great number of inhabitants of East Azarbaijan Province. He (May God keep him) believed that the consolidation of the believe, and the will between the youths and the work in order to practice all the Islamic dogmas in the society, will in turn pave the way to the glory, the development, and the reform of the moral and materialistic life.

Meeting a number of people who are participating in the Islamic Unity Conference 20/2/2011

His Eminence had held a meeting with a group of people and Islamic thinkers who were participating in the "24" Islamic Unity Conference and he stressed that: "being aware to this sensitive thing and strengthening the religious believe of the masses, preserving the unity, not to feel afraid of the American dominance, and have a favorable judgment with the divine promise about the definite victory, all these will pave the way for success and the victory of the million movement that it is rare to find like it in the Islamic world".

Meeting the government's officials and the ambassadors of the Islamic countries and public delegations 21/2/2011

On the occasion of the Prophet of Islam Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his household) and Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) birth, Imam Khamenei met the government's officials and its directors and the Islamic countries ambassadors; he stressed that the pains of the nations' regions will not be solved unless we shorten the American hand that is determining the nations and the countries fate.

Light from Light

Some of the Prophet's Sermons:

"The best among you are those who have good morals, those who loves and are beloved".

The best among you are the ones who behave with people in a good way, and the ones who smile for people when they meet them, hence, people who will like to sit with them all the time. When we say this, we don’t mean that if the person wasn’t complied with the legitimate commandments and he behaves well with the others, will be preferred to those who perform all their religious duties, but at the same time he is not a cheerful person; what is meant is that the believer who perform all his duties and at the same time behaves well is better than that who doesn’t behave well1.

1- “Touhaf Al-Oukol”, about the Messenger of Allah, p: 45.

Brief explanations for the Supreme leader of the Muslims about the prophet and his household (peace be upon them) traditions during a meeting on 9/11/1999.


I' am also a minister!

It is fair to say that the deceased martyr Clantary, the minister of transport was one of our believer ministers and a member of Hezbollah party (May God have mercy upon him and the other martyrs).

The deceased martyr Clantary told me once: I was sitting in the mosque during the Friday prayer, suddenly a youth whom I don’t know turned his face toward me to tell me: 'O sir, look how much Iran had changed, a real change, do you see that man who is sitting in the front lines? He is a minister; he came with the other people, and sat near them, to pray the Friday prayer'. I looked at him, he was Sayyed Nemat Zada. The deceased martyr said with his lovely Turkish tongue. I told that youth: let me inform you something, me to, I’ am a minister as well!
Adapted from a speech for Imam Khamenei (May God keep him) during his meeting with the executive managers and governors in Khuzestan province- 14/3/1997.

Intensified Enthusiasm and Work

In order to be an Islamic Republic and achieve the real and needed Islamic regime, we need intensified enthusiasm and intensified work, and because we surnamed this year as 'The year of Intensified Enthusiasm and Work', then the influence of the intensified enthusiasm should be witnessed in the duties and performances of the governors.

(Extracted from Imam Khamenei speech delivered during a meeting with a great number of leaders and associates of army air forces and defence headquarter- 8/2/2011)

The Leader's Jurisprudence

Publishing the incidents and the occurrences in the newspapers

Q: We are reading in the newspapers news that informs us about arresting the swindlers, the groups of people who bribe the others in the offices, and others who do bad things, as well as the immortal groups, and night clubs, isn't printing and publishing such things considered a kind of spreading enormity?

A: Publishing the incidents and the occurrences on the newspaper pages is not considered a kind of spreading enormity. 


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