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The 147th Edition- Twelfth Year- Muharram, 1432 A.H.

The Lantern of Faith

Imam Hussein (A.S.)

His birth: He (A.S.) was born in the 3rd of Shaaban, 4th year Hijri

His children: They are known to be six or ten, of whom are Ali Akbar, Imam Zayn Al-Abideen, Jaafar, Abdullah, Sukaina and Fatima.

His wives: The famous ones are: Shah Zanan, the daughter of Imro’ AlKays ( famous Arab poet) and Layla the daughter of Abi Murra.

From his attributes: It is reported from Jaber that the Prophet peace be upon him and his Household said: “Allah Almighty has made the progeny of every prophet to descend directly from him and has made my progeny descend from me and Ali Bin Abi Taleb; the children of a woman are referred to by their father except the children of Fatima, I am their father.”

Moreover, it is narrated from Salman Al-Muhammadi that Al-Hussein (A.S.) was sitting on the lap of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household), kissing him and saying: “You are the master, the son of the master who is the master of masters; you are the imam, son of the imam who is the father of imams; you are the hujja, the son of the hujja who is the father of the hujja (proofs) nine of which are your descendents, the ninth of which is the Qa’em (the one who raises with the truth).”

And Imam Rida said, about his fathers (peace be upon them), that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) the following: “Who loved to look at the most beloved person on Earth to the inhabitants of the skies, then look at Al-Hussein (A.S.).”

We count some of his virtues: It is narrated that scars were noticed on the back of Imam Hussein (A.S.) after his martyrdom, and when Imam Zain Al-Abideen was asked about them he said: "that they are the effect of the food and goods he used to carry to the houses of widows and orphans of poor.”

It is also said that he has done twenty-five pilgrims walking and the nobility behind him taken by means of transport.

From his piety: He has been told: How strong is your fear from your Allah! He answered: "The only secure people on the Day of Judgment are those who feared Allah in this world."

His martyrdom: His martyrdom was on the tenth of Muharram, 61st Hijri. He was killed oppressed and patient after the noon prayer, at the age of 58: 7 of which with his grandfather, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household), and 30 years with his father, The master of the faithful, and 10 years with his brother Al-Hassan (A.S.), and his reign was for 11 years after his brother.

The call of Rouhullah

The sittings that are held in the memory of the martyrdom of the master of the oppressed and free people (A.S.) are sittings which elevate the soldiers of reason over ignorance, justice over injustice, fidelity over betrayal and the Islamic government over the government of taghout (injustice and wrong). And these sittings should be held with great elaboration and spreading of the red flags of Ashuraa as a resemblance of the day when the oppressed revenges from the oppressor.

With Imam Al-Mahdi

Pain of parting

Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation) has mourned Imam Hussein (A.S.) by saying: “Peace be on the dead bodiesm, peace be on the household of the Prophet who have been away their homes, peace be on those left in the desolated land, peace be on the immigrants from their countries, peace be on the buried without clothes, peace be on the heads separated from the bodies, peace be on the patient dependent on ALLAH, peace be on the oppressed without a supporter, peace be on the body without a cloth, peace be on the raised head (on an arrow), peace be on the empty bodies in the deserted land, peace be on you a call from one knowing your sacredness, loyal in your welaya, approaching ALLAH by loving you, repudiative to your enemies, a call from whose heart is sored with your sorrow and his tears run on your memory, a call from a sad, grieved, servile a call from who had he been with you in the battle would have protected you from the swords by himself. But as I have been hindered by the course of time, and (Allah’s) decree has prevented me from helping you, and as I could not fight those who fought you, and was not able to show hostility to those who showed hostility to you, I will, therefore, lament you morning and evening, and will weep blood in place of tears, out of my anguish for you and my sorrow for all that befell you…”

Decorum of Ashuraa

1- Showing grief

This could be done by:

- Wearing black men, women and children.

- Raising black flags in streets and houses.

- Abandon some desires such as food, sleep and talk.

2- Ziyarat Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.)

Imam Al-Baqer or Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) has said: "who loved to live and secure oneself in the heaven then he shouldn’t leave the ziyara of the oppressed... Al-Hussein Bin Ali.”

3- Attending sittings of mourning and remembrance of Imam Hussein (A.S.)

Imam Al-Sadiq peace be upon him said: “Oh Fadeel, you sit and talk? He said: yes whom my life is under your command, he said: those sittings are blessed with mentioning and remembering our issue, oh Fadeel, Allah blesses who revives our issues.”

4- Condolences to the faithful

Imam Al-Baqer peace be upon him said: “Give condolences to each other with the suffering of Imam Hussein peace be upon him… and say: Allah makes your reward great with our agony over Imam Hussein (A.S.) and makes us among those avenging him with the wali of ALLAH , Imam Al-Mahdi, Allah fasten his arrival from the household of Muhammad.”

Imam Hussein said:

Accepting ALLAH’s Decree

Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) has been asked: How are you, the son of Allah’s messenger?! He replied: “I am with a God above me, and hell in front of me, and the death calling me, and the judgment is staring at me, and my destination depends on my work, unable to find what I love nor repel what I hate, and the things are not in my hands, if He (ALLAH) wills, He’ll torture me, and if He wills, He forgives me, could there be any poor who is poorer than me?”

Lying and Honesty

“Honesty is pride, lying is weakness, a secret is fidelity, neighborhood is a relative relation, helping is friendship, work is experience, good manners is worship, silence is ornament, stinginess is poorness, generosity is wealth and lenience is essence.

The best from the here-now and here-after

A person wrote to Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.): Oh master! Tell me what is the best for the here-now and here-after. So he wrote to him:

“In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the Merciful,

The one who asks the gratification of Allah with the displeasure of people, Allah grants him the pleasure of people, but who asks the pleasure of people with the dismay of Allah, Allah leaves him to the people, salam.”

Signs of Reason

A reasonable person does not talk to who might not believe him, and does not ask from who might not give, and does not trust who is feared to betray, and does not long for who is not worthy of hope.

The wholeness of reason is in following Truth

  Reason is not completed except with following Truth

The commander's jurisprudence

The presence of consolation convoys on the suffering of the master of martyrs and his companions peace be upon them, and also participating in similar religious ceremonies is a very good deed which is needed and considered among the greatest things which can make one closer to Allah Almighty; however, great care should be taken to avoid any action that would hurt others, or which is considered to be religiously taboo by itself.

Occasions of the month of Muharram

Hijri New Year

The arrival of Imam Hussein (A.S.) to Karbalaa, year 61st A.H..

The beginning of Ashura ceremonies

- The memory of Ashuraa, year 61st Hijri: The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and household and his companions.
- Taking the household of the Prophet as captives from Karbalaa to Al-Kufa, year 61st A.H..
- Burial of the martyrs of Karbalaa (Imam Hussein, his household, and his friends).
- Martyrdom of Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (A.S.), year 95th A.H.

The Redolence of Guardianship

Had we all been from the school of Ashuraa this world would have been quickly directed towards goodness and the Earth would have been prepared for the arrival of the ultimate Waliy Allah (Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation)). The name of Al-Hussein peace be upon him should stay alive and so the memory of Karbalaa.

25th of Moharram

The martyrdom of Imam Zain Al-Abideen (A.S.)

His patience is beautiful in sufferings

 and his tolerance is a wonder of wonders

And he was able to grasp the hard-hearted

 the thing which mountains can’t afford

He witnessed in the Taf the atrocity

 Things that agonize his calamities

How come and in the demise of the generous

 The demise of the minds and the tolerances

Don't ask about the harm he was exposed to

 Death was easier from that

His tears didn't run out till he

 Spent his life as an ally for Al-Rida

How come he doesn't cry and he had seen

What the skies cried over with blood

His martyrdom was in the 25th of Muharram, year 95th after Hijra, by poison put to him under the order of Alwalid Bin AbdulMalak, or Hisham Bin AbdulMalak, and he was 57 years old. He passed away sad and grieved, with a teary eye and was buried in Baqi’ next to his uncle Imam Al-Hasan bin Ali (A.S.).

Crying over the Master of Martyrs

- Abo Abdillah, Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (A.S.), cried upon mentioning Imam Hussein (A.S.)in his presence and said when they reached the part where Imam Hussein raises his head: “He (Imam Hussein) said: I am the murdered of tears; any faithful person cries upon remembering me.”

- Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) would not smile all day long until night after having mentioned Imam Al-Hussein and would say: “Al-Hussein is the tear of every faithful.”

- Abo Abdillah )A.S.) said: “the breath of the person who is sad for the oppression we went through is like tasbih, and his concern is worship, and keeping our secret is jihad in the path of Allah.”

- Abo Abdillah (A.S.) said: “Al-Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) said: I am the murdered of tears; Allah has promised that if any person who comes to me with a predicament, Allah wont let him leave except happy.

- Imam Al-Reda (A.S.) said: "The day of Al-Hussein has sored our eyelids, run our tears, made our great weak in Karbalaa (Karb= suffering, balaa= hardship) and left us with suffering and hardships till the day of judgment. On Al-Hussein may the criers weap, crying on what happened to him removes big sins. And then (A.S.) said: If the month of Muharram began, my father wouldn’t be seen with a smile, and misery would govern his mood until it was the 10th of the month. This day was the day of his sorrow, sadness and crying; he would say: today is the day in which Al-Hussein (A.S.) was murdered."

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