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The Arrival of the sacred month of Muharram
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The Arrival of the sacred month of Muharram

Occasion: The Arrival of the sacred month of Muharram

We wish to console the leader of the universe, Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance), and his acting leader Imam Khamenei (May Allah protect him), and all the believers, especially the freedom fighters, for the occasion of martyrdom of Abi Abed Allah Al-Hussein (A.S.) and shall we become with you asking for his revenge with his guardian (May God hasten his reappearance) of Mohammad family (peace be upon him and his household).

The Dimensions of Imam Hussian (A.S.) Personality

His eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenei (May God keeps him) says: "We notice that there are two dimensions for Imam Hussein's personality: the first is that of struggle and martyrdom (Jihad and shahada) and the tornado which he had done throughout the history that it's echo will stay echoing all over the era; you are cognizant of this first dimension. While the second dimension is a moral and Gnostic one which is mentioned very clear in Arafat supplication. We can rarely find such a supplication that implies to this agony, pain, and the well organized drift in imploring and supplicating to God. Really it is a very great supplication which Imam had addressed in Mina in front of many senior and Muslim people, and if we read what is between the lines we notice clearly the Husseinaian style mentioned in it".

With respect to this Gnostics dimension in ashouraa, his Eminence adds to say: "If we scrutinize deeply to ashouraa incident and Karbala events despite of the fact that is a field of battle, combat and sword, we note that imam Hussein speaks and behave in a very nice way which is full of love, satisfaction, and Gnostic with God Almighty; For example, at the end of the battle, he drew near karbalaa hot dust, put his cheek on it, and said: "Oh my God, I am satisfied with what you want, and I am resign to You". And while leaving from Mekka, he (A.S.) said: "Who can sacrifice himself for us, and want to meet God, then he can come with us". Hence, we can see clearly that all karbalaa issue includes Gnostic, supplication, and invocation. His going was associated with implore, supplication, invocation and the hope of meeting God; this moral zeal was mentioned in the beginning of Arafat supplication till he ends in the last moments by speaking about the grave, and he said for about that: I am satisfied with what you want; if you want me to die, I am satisfied about that".

Therefore, we conclude that ashouraa battle which is a very beautiful one to the extent that no one can imagine, is considered to be a Gnostic battle even if it was mixed with combat, killing, martyrdom, and bloody fight; but if you look deeply in it, sure you will notice the features of the Gnostic, moral, supplication and the essentialism of Arafat supplication".

Gnostic form Struggle and another color of Martyrdom

"The issue that I want to shed the light on is that the moral zeal, the Gnostic, the supplication and implore to God and not to look toward your self in front of God's divine will are the things that had let this event be as great and lofty and immortal as it is now. In other words, the first dimension which is struggle and martyrdom, was a result for the second dimension which is the Gnostic and immortal soul and this in turn can be found in a martyrdom originated from the believe in God, emanated from a heart that burn in desire and a soul yearn to meet God, and immersed in God. This kind of struggle, has its own taste and flavor, and grants another effect on the creation", Sayyed Ali Khamenei continues.

His Eminence continues his speech to talk about the role of the Jihad in forming this Gnostic by saying: "In a duration of 10 days or 15 days, or 20 days in the battle front, a youth can acquire the same stage as that which a knowing person reaches during thirty or forty years of worshiping, practicing, and continuing his studies with his instructors, crying, supplicating too much, and bearing the difficulties. Hence, from the moment that the youth goes to the battle front whatever the motive was in addition to the religious motive which is mixed with youth motivation, then this motivation will change gradually to be an intention to sacrifice and to become generous with all what he has; after that he will write his memories and testament, and from this moment and till the moment of his martyrdom, his enthusiasm and yearn will increase; his progression will be faster, and he will be closer to God". This what we notice very clearly in the memories of the martyrs, in which we notice a redolent fragrance which is related to the same Husseiny spirit".

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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