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Sacred Muharram

Title: Reasons behind Society Deviation

Sacred Muharram

May Allah remunerate us for being sad for the martyrdom of our Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.). May Allah render us part of those who seek his vengeance side by side with our ever present holy Imam Al-Mahdi, member of the prophet’s household (peace be upon them).

Through one of his speeches, our authorizer Imam Al Khamenei (Allah protect him) shows us the way to benefit from the example of Ashouraa. He specifies how one should learn from the example by placing himself in that very position of Imam Hussein (A.S.) in order to be inspired and to understand such situation with its necessities. Hence, if a person passes by a certain place and sees an upside-down car with its passengers hurt, he then must contemplate on the kind of speed and leadership that led to such accident. This is how one must learn from the example.

Our authorizer (Allah protect him) defines the first example of Ashouraa case. It forces us to be vigilant and understand “the reasons that led to such situation only fifty years after the death of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household), a situation where a person like Imam Al-Hussein was forced to offer such a sacrifice?”

What were the circumstances that forced Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) feel that Islam could only live through such a dire sacrifice and that it Islam was going to end without it?

We must highly focus on this point. At present, we have an Islamic society and we must observe the kind of the rotten disease that struck that Islamic society which allowed Yazeed take control of the reigns of the caliphate. What were the reasons, twenty years after the martyrdom of the prince of believers Ali (pbuh), which led to the uplifting of the heads of the sons of the prince of believers by spears, after which the heads were forced to tour that city?

Kufa city was not alienated from the Islamic religion. Instead, Kufa was the very place where the prince of believers toured its markets and ordered people to enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong. Besides, prayers’ calls were sung day and night from the mosques and holy places of that city, that very city and those very markets where the daughters of the prince of believers were forced to tour as captives. … So, what were the reasons that led to this unfortunate event of such magnitude?

The Reasons that led to Deviation

Our leading authorizer Imam (Allah protect him) reads a sign from the holy Quran that answers this question. It reads: “But after them there followed a posterity who missed prayers and followed after lusts soon, then, will they face Destruction.”

He adds, “There are two main reasons behind this general deviation:

One: Refraining from the remembrance of God and forgetting the issues which God has in store for us.

Two: Following lusts and vain desires.

In other words, this means materialism and thinking of collecting fortunes as well as falling for the lusts of this world. Forgetting the tenet was a recipe for a disaster and calamity that can also struck us should we ignore our belief. For example, if our society ties to our Islamic tenets weaken further within, each member will start thinking of himself and his own salvation when facing a battle. And once we become accustomed to playing along with those who gasp after materialism and favor their own interests above the interests of the society, the situation will also drag us to such level of deterioration.

When the divine equilibriums change, anyone who has a great love to materialism, lusts and sophistication, favors his own interests coupled with craftiness of lying and twisting the truth, will come to rule. Therefore, people like damned Omar Bin Saad, damned Shimr, and damned Obaidallah Bin Ziyad, will become rulers.

On the other hand, people like Al-Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.), will face slaughter and die as martyrs, like Hussein in Karbalaa. This is the right equation. Those who seek righteousness must not allow any alteration of the values and divine balances in the society. If the criterion of one’s fearsome of God changes within the society, the blood of a righteous person like Al-Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) will be spelt. And if sophistication, autocracy, tyranny, plotting, cheating, lying, and refraining from the values of Islam become customary, naturally a person like Yazeed will find the chance to take control of the reigns, and a man like Obaidallah Bin Ziyad will become the first man in Iraq.

It is a great issue if we can maintain the values of the original Islam. Only then, people like Al-Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) will not be killed or slaughtered. On the other hand, what will happen if we did not maintain such values? What will happen if we were distanced from our combative morale? What will happen if we only thought of our personal needs while ignored the divine duty, belief and divine verdicts?

What will happen if a recruited young man of loyalty, belief, commitment and an aim to find a way to the arena of jihad for the way of God, was isolated from his wish, and an insolent, greedy, and unspiritual person was allowed to take control? Naturally, everything will turn up-side-down, and chaos will spread.

The time margin between the death of the noble prophet and the martyrdom of his grandson Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) was very short, it did not even pass fifty years, the early age of Islam. This period can be shorter in our present age. And perhaps our merits and the owners of the merits might be led to slaughter or death in a faster form. Therefore, we must prevent this issue and resist the deviation that is being imposed on us by the enemy. This is the example that we must learn from Ashouraa. We must not allow anyone dwarf the revolution and the son of the revolution in the society.”

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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