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Zeinab the Beloved of the Prophet's Household

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Zeinab the Beloved of the Prophet's Household

Occasion: The Birthday of Al-Hawraa Zeinab (peace be upon her)

We congratulate Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) and the Leader and all the believers especially the strugglers in the anniversary of the birth of the daughter of the Commander of the Faithful the veracious and modest Sayyeda Zeinab (peace be upon them) on the fifth of Jamada al-awwal.

The Honor of her Birth

Since her birth, God wanted to honor this sublime Sayyeda when her mother Sayyeda Al-Zahraa (peace be upon her) came to her father the Commander of the Faithful asking him to: “name this baby”. After that, Imam Ali answered: “I can’t name her before the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household), he should name her”; when prophet Mohammad return back from a journey, imam Ali asked him to name her, and his answer was: “I can’t name her before God”, God should name her. At that moment, Gabriel came and conveyed the Messenger of Allah to name this baby “Zeinab” in which God had chosen this name for her”.

The Beloved of the Prophet’s household (peace be upon them)

Sayyeda Zeinab was so lovely in which the prophet’s household were in loved with her, to the extent that when Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) used to cry while speaking with her, similarly to Imam Ali who used to speak with her often because she was so acute. Imam Ali narrates that one time he asked her to say: “One”, then she said “one”, he added, “say two”, she kept silent, then Imam Ali asked her another time, she replied: “O dad, how could I say two and I have said one, in which God is the only one”.

She is really as Imam Zein Al-Abeidden said about her: “Praise be to God, you are ‘Alimah Ghayr Mu’allamah’ she who has knowledge without being taught; and ‘Fahema Ghayr mofhama’ acute without being taught”. Besides, both Hasan and Hussein were very fond of her and this was very clear in which once upon a time, and when Imam Al-Hussein was young, he saw her sleeping under the sun’s rays, so he stood in front of her to protect her blessed body from the sun's rays.

Moreover, when Sayyeda Zeinab (peace be upon her) wanted to visit her Grandfather prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household), she used to go at night with Imam Hassan walking on her right side, and Hussein on the left side, and her father the Commander of the Faithful in front of her. And when she reaches near the modest couch, Imam Ali suppresses the lamps. Imam Ali was asked about the reason of that by Imam Hassan, and the answer was: “I’am afraid for any one to see the face of your sister Zeinab”.

Her Social Role

Sayyeda Zeinab played an important role in fortifying and prompting the feminine society. When she was in Kuffa, she used to hold regular meetings for women in her house to share her knowledge and explain the Holy Quran. In addition, Sheikh Al-Sodook (May his secret be sacred) said that she used to act as representative of her brother Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), in which many people used to refer to her and ask her judicial questions with respect to “legitimate and inviolable issues” (halal and haram), and even Imam Zein Al-Abedeen was cured from his disease.
Her Worship

The people who knew Sayyeda Zeinab (peace be upon her) said about her: through her life, she didn’t leave the night prayers even at the night of the eleventh of Muharram. And Imam Zein Al-Abedeen says with respect to this that he saw her that night praying while sitting; he adds to say that: “Despite all the problems and ordeals that happened with us, Aunt Zeinab didn’t leave the night supererogatory performances while we were in our way to Syria”.
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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