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The Characteristics of Imam Hussein's Supporters

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
The Characteristics of Imam Hussein's Supporters
Occasion: Ashuraa's Anniversary

We offer condolences to Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance), to the supreme leader of the Muslims Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him, and to all Muslims especially the strugglers in the advent of the anniversary of Ashuraa Abi Abed Allah Al-Hussein (A.S.). The prophet's family (peace be upon them) spoke a lot about the status of Imam Al-Hussein's supporters, in which while exalting their status, the Commander of Faithful (A.S.) said: "They are wrestlers, they adore martyrdom, and the ones who were before them, don't precede them, and the ones who are after them, don't follow them". And Imam Al-Hussein tells them: "I don't know ones more entrusted and better than my companions". Besides, the visit (ziyarah) which is pertained to them states the same thing which is that we should salute them be saying: "Peace be upon you who are the best supporters".

• Their Characteristics

If they didn't sacrifice a great sacrifices which was welled from their sincerity to God, and the love of His saint ِAbi Abed Al-Hussein (A.S.), they wouldn't have taken this great status and lofty characteristics, and we should follow such ones, and to be honest when we say: "We wish that we were with you, and gain a great success".

These are some of their characteristics

Persevering on the Prayer's time: It was mentioned that Al-Saedy looked to the sky and started turning his face, then he turned to Imam Al-Hussein side and said: "I sacrifice my self to you, I 'am noticing that they are getting closer to you, I swear by God that you don't die unless I 'am with you, and I like to meet my God and I had prayed my prayers which its time is close, then he (A.S.) answered him: "Did you mention the prayers, may God let you be from the prayers who praise God and perform ritual prayers".

• The Patience: It is stated in the visit (ziyarah) which is pertained to them the following: "Peace be upon you because you were patient, hoping the hereafter's consequences to be good".

• Rejoicing at Meeting God: After Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) informed them they will be killed, they said: "All praise is due to God, who honored us with your victory, and ennoble us to be killed with you; O Prophet Mohammad, don't we agree to be with you in the same degree". Bareer answers in an astonish way and happily: "But I feel happy about what is happening to us".

• The Devotion of the Allegiance for their Prophet: This is so clear in the numerous attitudes, such as what Saed Bin Abed Allah Al-Hanafy said while addressing Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.): "I swear by God that we don't leave you until God know that we had preserved the occultation of Prophet Mohammad, if I knew that I will be killed, and be alive, then I will be incinerated while I 'am alive, then I will be thrown off, and even this will happen seventy times, I will not leave you until I die, how couldn't I do as such and I will die just for one time with you, in which I will gain the dignity which will not expire". Saed really said the truth when he martyred while defending on Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) while praying".

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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