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Risalat Al-Hokouk

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Risalat Al-Hokouk

Occasion: The Anniversary of Imam Al-Sajjad's (A.S.) Martyrdom


One of the important publications of the great Imam Zayyen Al-Abedeen (A.S.) is "Risalat Al-Hokouk", in which it states the existent manners for the person's behaviors, which develops his live and his culture, on a basis which all the factors of the psychological stability are found; Imam had written this great letter or presented it for some of his companions and the great scholar Thabet Bin Abi Safeya who is known as Abi Hamza Al-Thamale who is one of the Imam's students had narrated it, and the one who narrated it about him is Mohammad Bin Yaekoob Al-Kelene and Al-Hasan Bin Ali Bin Al-Hussein Bin Shoebat Al-Herany in (Tohaf Al-Okool) and we copy it from him, and hereinafter, we mention some of the anthologies from this letter:


1- God's Right


"God's right is to worship Him and not to polytheist Him, hence, if you do that honestly, then God will let you be satisfied in the present life and in the hereafter, and will preserve for you all what you like"…


2- The right of the soul


"The right of your soul is to satisfy it in God obedience, in which you give your tongue its right, so you don't speak bad things, your hearing its right, your sight its right, your hand its right, your leg its right, and your vulva its right, and while doing that, you should ask God to help you in doing that".


3- The right of the tongue


"As for the tongue's right is to honor it from the ribald words, and let it get accustomed to say good words in a polite way. Besides, you shouldn't use it except for saying things that benefit the others in the religion and in the life, and exempt it from the bad curiosity which has no benefit whether it was or it wasn't; and the thing that let us know whether the person is intelligent or not, and his conduct is good or not, hence there is no power except with God the Almighty…".


4- The right of hearing


"The ear's right is to deem it far above from letting it be a way to your heart, just for a good words which effects your heart positively; hence hearing is a way for the speaking to enter to the heart, there is no power except with God the Almighty…".


5- The right of the sight


"The sight's right is to lower it, or in other words not to look on what is permissible to you; besides if you want to look at something, it should be beneficial to you, in which sighting is a way for learning".


6- The right of the legs


"As for the leg's right is that you walk not with them toward that which is unlawful to you. And you should not direct them in the way that will lead the person they carry to being debased. Your legs will carry you in the direction of the religion…".


7- The right of the hand


"The right of your hand is not to spread it, in which you shouldn't take things that are not for you, in which you will not be secured from the blameful tongue of the people now, either. Hence do not prevent your hands from performing what Allah has made obligatory for them, but don't use it to do things that God had forbidden you to do, and if you did that, if you didn't steel and do other bad things by it, then it will be rewarded in the future…".


8- The right of the Abdomen


"The abdomen's right is not to eat banned things, whether in a little amount or in a big one; hence you should just enter to it permissible things, and control it when you feel hungry or thirsty, because eating until feeling fill lets you be surfeit, inactive, and this will affect the charity and the generosity; on the other hand, watering which leads the person to drunkenness is absurdity…".


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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