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The Lovers' Revolution
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The Lovers' Revolution

 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Lovers' Revolution

Occasion: Ashura, Al-Imam Alhussien

May Allah great our recompenses in Al-imam alhussien affliction and make you and us from the ones who ask for revenge with his guardian Al-imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance).

It was mentioned about AL-imam Ali (A.S) that he described the martyrs of Karbala while exploring their status," the demises of martyrs' lovers, not preceded by anyone and who is after them can't spare them."

The loves of those martyrs toward Allah was shown in the tenth of Muharam ,when Al-imam Alhussien was informed in the ninth of Muharam the intention of the people about fighting him ,so he sent his brother Alabass (A.S) to ask for delaying the battle for the next day saying," go to them ,if you can delay them to early morning or tonight, so we can pray to our god tonight ,call him and ask forgiveness ,he knows that I love to pray to him ,read his Holy book and say frequent prayer and forgiveness."

The passion of the martyrs toward Allah was demonstrated in the tenth of Muharam at afternoon, when Alsaedy looked at the sky and went on turning his face ,then went to Al-imam Alhussien (A.S) and said," done for your sake, I see that they are close from you , I swear god you are not going to be killed until I am killed, and I like t meet Allah and I have prayed the coming prayer with you." Then Al-imam Alhussien said," you mentioned the prayer, god made of the prays who remember and set up the prayer."

Loving the prophet and his family (peace be upon them)

The hearts of the martyrs were filled with love and passion to the prophet Mohammad and his family, not only through emotions but also through true love which is to introduce the lover over your self, parents and all people. and that what the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) talked about when he said," none of you becomes a believer until am dearer to him from his son, father and all people." also he (peace be upon him and his household) said, "none of you becomes a believer until im dearer to him more than himself, and my family dearer to him more than his family, and my descendents are dearer to him from his descendents."

Here is Saeed the son of Alhanafe says to his leader in the tenth of Muharam," we swear god, we don't leave you until Allah knows that we have saved the absence of his messenger." then saeed went on singing in the middle of the battle: if you sake Hussein today you will meet ahmad......and Ali is the master of generosity....and alHassan is like the full moon who met happiness...

when Al-imam Alhussien stood up at noon ,in the tenth of Muharam saeed was standing in front of him trying to shield the arrows one from Al-imam's face and other from his chest, and sometimes he tried to shield the arrows from his sides until he was shot in his face and his neck thirteen arrow ,he felt down to the ground saying," Allah, inform your prophet (peace be upon him and his household) my salutation and tell him about the painful wounds that I have received ,Allah I wanted your reward in supporting your prophet ." then he turned to Al-imam Alhussien and said," oh,messenger of Allah did I fulfill your request?" he (A.S) said," yes, you will be with me in paradise."

And here is Wahab's mother ,when her husband told her about his intension to walk towards Alhussien (A.S) she said," if you are afflicted, Allah will become afflicted for you and guided you ,do it and take me with you." And when he proceeded to the battlefield his wife came towards him and said," my father and my mother for the sake of you, fight with Mohammad's descendents." and that woman was gratified because of her love to Mohammad and his descendents , she became a martyr in Karbala when she proceeded to her husband (the martyr) and said," enjoy the paradise." Then Shemer ordered one f his men to hit her head, to follow up the martyrs.

And here is Abess the son of Shakir saying to Al-imam Alhussien (A.S) in Ashura," no one is left on the earth dearest than you, if am able to push grievances away from you by a dearer thing to me than myself, I would have done." And he progressed towards the people who were afraid of approaching toward him because they know his strength and courage ; they began to hit him with stones ,he threw his shield and his sword to meet Allah a martyr between Al-hussien 's hands.

All praise is due to Allah, the lord of the world.

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