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The Tale Bearing

The Tale Bearing

Imam Sadek (A.S) said to a group of Shiites: " Oh, Shiites! You represent us, so be handsome and don't be disgraceful. Talk to people in a good way, keep your tongues and inhibit them from curiosity and bad saying."

The Tale Bearing

It is the transferring of talking, that people don't like to reveal and transfer from one person to another. Whether the transferring is by saying or by writing, expressly or by signs. Tale bearing is one of the worst bad qualities, it forms the third of tomb's punishment, and moreover it's one of the most disgusting ethical crimes and the most dangerous in the individual and society's life. Further more, the telltale has many qualities like: calumny, deceitfulness, duplicity, setting people against each other, separating between lovers, for that the Quranic verses and the Prophetic traditions dispraise and defame the telltale: and yield not to any mean swearer*defamer, going about with slander*forbidder of good out stepping the limits, sinful*ignoble, besides all that, base -born﴿ 1.The base-born is the bastard, the Koranic verse shows us that the calumny is one of the bastard's qualities and foundlings' traits.

God said: woe, to every slanderer, defamer﴿, so that the slanderer is the telltale and the defamer is the calumniator.

The prophet of Allah, Mohammad (peace be upon him) said, "the telltale never plants hate and separates you from God and people." Also, Imam Hussein (A.S) said: " the prophet, Mohammad (peace be upon him), said , " do you want me to tell you about the bad people? They said: yes. He replied: the telltales who separate between lovers."

Imam Baker (A.S) also said: "the telltale is forbidden from entering the heaven."

It was narrated about imam- Sadek (A.S) saying to Alma sour the following," never accept from your family or from the people whom you care about to be put in the situation of what Allah has said, he is forbidden from paradise and the hell is his home. Because the telltale, is a perjurer and a partner to Satan in the temptation among people. Allah has said in his Quran oh you who believe! If an evil doer comes to you with a report , look carefully into it, least you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done﴿ 2

Causes of tale bearing

There are 2 causes for tale bearing
1-Disclosure of the one they talked about , causing problems to him.
2-Blandishment and carrying favor with the one that they talk to, by transferring conversations to him.

How To Deal With The Telltale?

Since the telltale has been one of the most dangerous corrupter and the worst one that causes damage to people. It is necessary to be worry of him and be cautious of his cunning and his corruption, by applying the following advices:

1-Accuse the telltale of lying, because of his dissoluteness and not trust worthy, God said: oh you who believe! If an evil doer comes to you with a report , look carefully into it, least you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done﴿ 3

2-The person should not suspect his Muslim brother only because of a tale bearing as God said : avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is a sin ﴿.4 Tale bearing should not push you to spy on or investigate about the reality of the telltale, as God said: and do not spy﴿ 5

3-Don't tell others the tale bearing of the telltale, because you will be a telltale and a calumniator at the same time.

Mohammad the son of EL Fadil told us a conversation between him and Imam Kazem (A.S): I said to him: done for your sake! Somebody, that I have confidence in, tell me things about my brother that I hate to hear, I ask my brother about it but he denies, even though several people told me about. He answered: oh Mohammad! Accuse your hearing and your seeing of lying about your brother, even if 50 persons witnessed, and he told you something then believe him and accuse them. Moreover, never say bad things about him that can disgrace him and destroy his generosity. If you do that, you are one of those that God tell us about in the Qoran: surely those who love that scandal should circulate respecting those who believe, they shall have a grievous chastisement in this world and the hereafter﴿6

3-alhojorat: 6

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