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Rouh Allah Imam Khomeini's vision for the reality of the Revolution

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Rouh Allah Imam Khomeini's vision for the reality of the Revolution

The Occasion: The victory of the Blessed Islamic Revolution

The Islamic revolution was launched by Imam Khomeini in Iran at the time when the world’s authority was being dominated and kept under the control of the proud, when the material ideas were influencing the mental intellect, and when the power of wealth that enslaved the world’s people was ruling. At that period of time, the Islamic revolution was representing an Islamic renaissance aiming at adjusting the humanitarian trends and bringing back the respect for the religion and for the spiritualities. Hence, Imam Khomeini considered the reality of the revolution as follows:

1- A Divine Revolution:
referring to the key factor of universe and existence and based upon the doctrine of uniformity, Imam related the victory to God, saying: "our people turned out to be competent after feeling fright and turned out to be powerful after being vulnerable, and this was but owing to a divine change".

2- An Ideological Revolution:
Imam says: "Let we sacrifice in favor of safeguarding the Islamic revolution and let we seek to preserve this glorious doctrine which represent a message of relief for the vulnerable people of the world and an arm by which to overwhelm the proud.

3- A Moral and Spiritual Revolution: Revolution aims at restoring the default values of ethics, religion, and spirituality. In this regard, Imam says: "our supreme Islamic revolution is at the first place a moral spiritual revolution before being a political and social one".

4- A Revolution of Belief: In this regard, Imam says: "The secret behind achieving victory is to believe in God and to address him". He also says: "We have won only because of the ability of belief... We did win as a result of our count and/or equipment".

5- The Revolution of truthfulness overwhelming falsehood: In this regard, Imam says: "We are working based upon truthfulness, and truthfulness is thus overwhelming falsehood". He also says: "You are working based upon truthfulness, and you have stood against falsehood, and truthfulness is inevitably going to win".

Preserving Revolution

Revolution is a great blessing grace that requires acknowledging its value and working on preserving, developing, and strengthening them. Imam says regarding this duty: "Revolution is like a child; it needs breeding and nursing in order to develop and grow". In fact, Imam has thus signified the ways by which we can preserve it, the most important are:

1- To guarantee the presence of belief: Imam says: "Iran has handed over the task of preserving the Revolution to believing people, and it is currently progressing at the hands of those believers". He also says: "the idiom (Allahu-Akbar) (Allah is the greatest) and the unity of the word is what made us win, and our one and only weapon at present is saying ‘Allahu-Akbar’ (Allah is the greatest)".

2- Sacrificing and not becoming despaired: Imam says: "self-sacrifice i.e. the willingness to scarify oneself and the willingness of others to scarify themselves in favor of the revolution is pretty necessary". He also says: "uphold this renaissance, and don’t let despair seep into yourselves, for despair is subjugated by Devil.

Finally, When is the Devine victory going to be achieved?

According to Imam, the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran is but just a terminal stage for the whole project of Islam. He therefore says: "the final victory is going to be achieved only when Islam befalls in Iran in all its dimensions, objectives and rules. However, the greatest victory is to be achieved, only when Islam rules the entire world".

All Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the World

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