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The Anniversary of the Divine Victory

In the name of Allah , the Beneficent, the Merciful
The Anniversary of the Divine Victory
Occasion: 25th May 2010

We send our best congratulations and blessings to all-times supreme leader (may God hasten his appearance), Imam Mahdi, to his deputy Ayatollah Imam Khamenei (Allah protect him), to you, to all the Mujahideen, congratulations for the anniversary of the victory.
The general secretary, Sayed Hasan Nasrollah (may God protect him) says, "we are the slaves of God declare in front of all the world that this victory is from Allah, who has guided us to the path of resistance, showed us the straight path, who proved our hearts several years, filled our hearts tranquility and ourselves passionate to martyrdom, who had put terror in the hearts of our enemy, he is the one who hit and threw, destroyed the posts, demolished the forts, he killed the arrogant and made this victory; we thank and praise him, glorify, ask for forgiveness, repent to him, succumb and call him to continue our victory through the liberation of the whole land, all brothers and all these tormented oppressed nation".
The Holy Quran assured that the real reason of the victory is Allah who had said: and victory is from Allah the mighty, the wise﴿. He also stressed on the inevitability of victory when believers take its causes and ensured its conditions, and that through Allah sayings, and helping the believers is ever incumbent on us﴿.

In order to achieve the divine victory, the following elements must be provided:
1-The Mandate, which Allah linked it to victory in more than one verse, as his saying, and Allah suffices as a guardian, and Allah suffices as a helper﴿.
2-Unity, which God confirmed in the following verse, surely Allah loves those who fight in his way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall﴿.
3-Patience, which God tied  prevail to it in his verse, and if there are a thousand they shall overcome two thousand by Allah's permission, and Allah is with the patient﴿.
And when Allah sends his victory, it is remained to the nation to maintain this blessing by maintaining the strength and stability, as it is shown from our leader Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sacred) in his saying, "how many are the victories that are achieved by nations, then they lose as a result of weakness and volatility of what has been achieved".
Because the achievement of victory is likely a desire loved, requested and wanted by all societies, as God has mentioned in his verse, and yet another (blessing) that you love; help from Allah and victory near at hand; and give good news to the believers﴿. However, what comes in importance before achieving victories, is maintaining it and that was warned by Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sacred) in his saying, "wake up, preserving victory and revolution is much more difficult from making out victory and revolution".
Hence, it is useful to contemplate some of the factors that threaten the viability of victory, namely:
1-Instability of Principles: On the top there is the divine motivation, which is one of the secrets of victory; Allah says about that, if you help (the cause of) Allah, he will help you﴿. Also this consistency is one of the secrets that maintains victory where Allah continue his verse saying and make firm your feet﴿ then the feet won't convulse from the peak of victory to the valleys of defeat and failure.
2-Conflict and Disperse: Unity is a main basic in achieving victory; on the other hand disperse leads to defeat and failure. God has said, and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient. Surely Allah is with the patient﴿, because the unity of command and obey ness establish the unity node, Allah assured in his verse obey Allah and obey the apostle and those in authority from among you﴿, Al-Imam Al-Khomeini has referred to the seriousness of spreading out divisiveness saying, "everything we have today is in the course of danger from the side of ignorant friends who spread divisiveness".
3-Proud of Victory: Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sacred) said, "What worries me is to discover that our people are like "Fateh" army, who become proud after openings and ramblings".
When a person cares about the causes of the divine victory and the reasons of its survival, he will reach the power which Al-Imam Al-Khomeini talked about, "if people rebel and maintained their belief, no power can confront them".
All praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds.

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