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The Islamic Unity Week

The Occasion: The Islamic Unity Week
We congratulate Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) and the leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei (God keep him) and all the Muslims especially the believers strugglers in the anniversary birth of the generous Messenger (peace be upon him) and his grandson Imam Jafar Al-Sadek (A.S.), in which Imam Al-Khomeini called in it for the unity between the Muslims starting from the two famous days with respect to the Muslims, both Sunnis and Shiites, which are 12 and 17 Rabi' Al-awwal, so he announced between them the week of the Islamic unity.

And through one of Imam Al-Khamenei's speeches, he considered that "one of the charities (Sadaqaha) for the Islamic revolution that was achieved by the blessing of the departure Imam's geniality was specializing days for the anniversary of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) birth in the Islamic Revolution" considering that "some people are living this hope in all its entity, and some are considering it just as a slogan without being serious in its achievement".

And Imam (God keep him) continued saying:

"When we think in practical mechanisms and techniques to achieve this hope, we find that the personality of the Messenger (peace be upon him) is considered the beast and the great personality in Islam; this unique personality is the essential axis that all the sympathies and the Muslims beliefs are modified around it. And you can rarely find a meaning from the Islam's meanings or an Islamic reality that is a source of agreement for all the Muslims and is able to attract them and monopolize all their sympathies as is the condition with respect to the Messenger Mohammad (Peace be upon him) personality. With respect to the very important role and the effect of the sympathies, in which we excluded some of the bizarre groups that don't care neither with the sympathy’s side and heart’s allegiance nor with the implore matter, the Muslim people are tighten with the sympathies and a strange love relations to the Messenger (peace be upon him), and according to this, the blessed existence and this great personality might be the axis of the unity that we are about to achieve".  

And Imam Khamenei (God Keep him) continued his speech by alerting to the urgent and certain importance for the Islamic unity and this “is because today the Islam’s enemies are characterized with two characteristics that they weren’t found for them previously:

The first characteristic: today they own a great amount of power elements, such as money, politics, and media, also they have the most control means and mechanisms and power and attack and sudden.  And they constitute a one front facing Islam starting from arrogance and on the top of it America and the Zionism and passing by the Global Petroleum companies and finishing by the ones who have rented pens and work for their own interest, and they are equipped with different and most new instruments and equipments. And glancing quickly to dating the furious struggle between the Islam and the opposed powers, proves that it wasn’t one day equipped as it is today with all these possibilities and power equipments.

The second characteristic: This front that is antagonized to Islam is so sensitive toward the Islamic danger that threatens it more than any other time. And the origin of this sensation is that it finds Islam no more a group of moral commandments and it became an intellectual current which has its own regime.

The Islam’s enemies had seen that Islam was able to originate a revolution and to let all the people get rid of their defeat and let them stabilize their confidence and to be proud of their religion and themselves. Besides, the enemies had seen how Islam was capable of establishing a regime full of stability and steadiness… Because of these reasons, we always notice that the enemies dislike the Islam… And the question which is put forward is: What are the enemies of Islam planning to do at this time? One of the most things that the enemies use is to drive a wedge between the Muslims, especially among those who have the power to influence on the others and the ones who are models with respect to the others. Besides, the enemies are doing their best to achieve their malicious goals especially in the political side. In my opinion, I think that the unity of the Muslims is the most important thing, not just that but it is a must in which it is considered as a vital necessity and not just a slogan. Hence, all the communities should unite their word and agree on the same thing and be one hand.

Furthermore, the unity between the Islamic communities doesn’t neither cancel the difference nor the disparities which are found in the morals and the traditions that are followed in the Islamic communities; In addition it doesn’t cancel the differences that are found in the jurisprudential judgments. What is meant by the unity of the Muslims communities is to unite all with each others, agree on one opinion with respect to the things that are related to the Islamic world, cooperate with each others, and not to waste their wealth in interior glamour and conflicts. Therefore, from this point, we can consider that the personality of the Messenger of Allah is the essential thing for unity, because of this, the Muslims in general and especially the educated ones among them should centralize around this great and model personality and around his instructions, and they should love and support him”.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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