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The Morals and the Ethics of the Faster

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Morals and the Ethics of the Faster

Occasion: Blessed Ramadan Month

When greeting Ramadan month in his famous speech and in the testament to the fasters, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) says: "O people, in this month, the one who ameliorates his morals, will be on the righteous way at the time when the other people deviate from the righteous way, and the one who doesn't do bad things with others, God will not be anger from him in the day of resurrection". 
In the fasting days, the morals and ethics of the people who are fasting will become mortgaged with what they had suffered during the day such as the suffer of hunger and thirst, in which if you speak with any one of them, he says: "I' am fasting" and this is due to the situation that he is suffering from which let him be a nervous and a strained and a rough person, who can't control him self in front of the effects of the negative situations which might face him and this thing is one of the current traditions and customs.
And this is a result of hunger and thirst which originate to the person a case of anarchy and nervousness. Besides, Ramadan month is a lesson for those, in which God let this month to be as a school ,which the person enters it and gets out from it at the end having a high grades, and the highest degrees because he had applied all the conditions of fasting and all its apparent and interior rules.
And Prophet Mohammad is giving us the indications which lead to the success and the triumph, so he advises and guides the fasters to the important of being endowed with the virtuous morals and the pleasant companionship, and adorning the hunger and the thirst by quitting on the harm and controlling the self to every thing which agitates the anger. 
The Faster's Morals
The faster believer is crowned with the medal of glory and honor, because he is a source of God's care in which he called him and he responded the call; because of this, God dignified the fasters, honored them and gave them from his grace, care and mercy.
Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) said: "When the faster is sleeping, he will be worshiping, and his silence is glorification, his work is acceptable and his invocation is responded"; Prophet Mohammad adds saying: "God and all his angels supplicate for the fasting persons".
Besides, Prophet Mohammad says: "The heaven has a gate which is called Al-Rayan, and those who observe fasts will enter through it on the day of resurrection", and in order for the faster to obtain these divine merits and grants, he should make progress in his fasting and be well-mannered with the fasting manners which God like his people to be endowed with in this generous month, and some of these important manners are:
First: Benefit from Ramadan month through repentance, and being to God and desisting from the inviolable things, in which God likes the ones who turn to God in repentance and the ones who ask God His forgiveness especially in this month. Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) said: "If the person asked God to turn in repentance then He will like him and will conceal all his sins in the present life and in the hereafter".
The narrator said: how can He conceal him? Imam replied: "He will let his monarchs forget what they had written such as the sins, and then He will reveal to himself to conceal his sins and He reveal to all the world to conceal the sins that he used to do; after that, when he meets God on the day of resurrection then nothing will be witnessing on his sins".
Second: Utilizing all the organs of the body in obeying God and preventing them from doing sins, offenses and iniquities, in which as foods and drinks break the fast also doing any sin might expose your worship and your fasting to corruption and destruction.
Hence if you were fasting, you should let your hearing, your seeing, your hair and your skin fast also, in which you shouldn’t hear what God had forbidden you, you shouldn't look to forbidden things and you should cover your hair and skin.
Third: Being directed toward worship and being resolved on practicing the commendable and to persist on reciting the Holy Quran and the supplications and asking from God the forgiveness, in which it was mentioned that when Ramadan months starts, Imam Zein Al-Abedeen (A.S.) doesn’t speak with any body, but he spends his time in supplicating, praising and asking God’s forgiveness and exclaiming God is great. Besides, it is enough for you the one who is fasting that Prophet Mohammad in the beginning of the month had announced you that God swear that he will not torture the ones who pray and prostrate, he will not frighten him with the hell in the day of resurrection and the one who prayed a commendable pray will not even handle the hell and the one who perform an obligation, will have a reward as if he had performed seventy obligations in other months…
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. 

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