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Imam Ali (A.S.) and The Night of Power (al-qader's night)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Imam Ali (A.S.) and The Night of Power (al-qader's night)

Occasion: The Night of Power and Imam Ali's Martyrdom

The Night of Power or as it is known as "Laylat Al-Qader" is one of the virtues and dignities which God obliged it to people and it is a very great one and the angels surround all the believers and give them blessings and gifts; besides it is a night which good increases in it and there is no night which has more excellence other than it, and working in it is better than a thousands month.

Besides, it is the night of mercy and sympathy, and in this day, the holy Quran was descended, and it is the principle of good and felicity for the humanity, and the revelation of the blessing. Moreover, in this night, God determines the matters of the people, and the angels and Gabriel reveal God willing.

It was mentioned in Majmaee Al-Bayan about Ibn Abbas relating to Prophet Mohammad that he said: "In the Night of Power, the angels who are Sidrat al-Muntahā are descended and one of them is Gabriel, after that Gabriel descends holding banners, he puts on my grave one and another one on Jerusalem and another in the "Sacred Moseque" (Al-Masjid al-Haram) and one in Tur Sinai and he greets all the believers except the ones who are alcoholic and eats the pork and the ones which are stained with saffron".

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) said: "Whoever keeps awake on the nights of Qader shall have his/her sins forgiven".

This night has a great dignity and degree and this can be known through the duplication of the rewards and the recompenses for any work done in this night, in which Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) narrated what had happened between Moussa (A.S.) and God in a lofty conversation said by Moussa: "God, I want to be close to you, God answered: Moussa, the one who is close to me is the one who keeps awake on the nights of power, he added: I want your mercy, God answered: I will be merciful with the ones who will be merciful with the poor ones; he said: God, I want to be on the righteous way, he answered the one who gives alms to poor people on the night of Power will be on the righteous way. He adds saying: God, I want a tree from the heaven's ones, he replied: the one who praise a doxology in the night of power will have a tree in the heaven, he added, God I want your contentment, God answered: my contentment will be for the one who pray two prostrations in the night of power".

In these great nights, a great event occurred that had shaken the guidance basis and splitted the most trustworthy handhold in which the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (A.S.) was martyred. Imam Ali Khamenei called us to console and take after him in which he says: "Let the Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) be our ideal in every thing we do, and we should do our best to be like him, so how come we assume that we are Shiites and Ali the Commander of the Faithful is our Imam and we don't take too much care to our relation with God and the last thing we think about.

Imam Ali devoted all his life in worshipping God, in which from the first moment of the appearance of the divine guidance of Imam Ali through Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) till his martyrdom he didn't omit worshipping God and praising him; he used to be with relation to God in all situations, whether in happiness or in sadness, in war or in peace, at night and during the day, in mosque and in the battle field, in the period of ruling and in the period of judgment

Some pretend that Imam Ali (A.S.) is their Imam, but they are not ready to say things that annoy the arrogant ones and the United States of America… Those say that they are the Shiites of Imam Ali and he is their Imam!! Hence, what does Imam means with respect to those!?

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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