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One of Imam Al-Sadek's Wills

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

One of Imam Al-Sadek's Wills (A.S.)

Occasion: Imam al Sadek's martyrdom (A.S.)

We console Imam ِAl-Mahdi (may God hasten his revelation) and the Supreme leader of the Muslims (God keep him) and the strugglers and all the Muslims because of the occasion of Imam Al-Sadek's martyrdom on the 25th of Shawwal 148 AH; and the reason of his death was the Abasiam Mansour who asked his mate at Al-Medina Mohammad Ben Suleiman to poison Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.).

Imam Abu Abed Allah Jafar Ben Mohammad Al-Sadek (A.S.) is the sixth Imam of the prophet's posterity whom we were ordered to obey and follow them in all their orders and wills.

One of Imam Al-Sadek's wills to his son Imam Moussa Al-Kazem (A.S.): "O my dear, accept my will, and understand what I have said. If you understand that, you'll live happily and die praised". My son, ''the one who accept what God gave him, is not in need for any human being. While the one who looks at what did God give others, will die poorly. Also the person, who is not satisfied with what God the great and the Almighty gave him, will accuse God for his faith.

The person who underestimates his abomination will regard others' abominations great. On the other hand, the person who regards his abomination great will underestimate others' abominations''. My son, ''the person who revel others' drape, his family blemish will be apocalypse. At the same time, the one who frail the tyranny sward will be killed with the same sward. While the person who plans to harm anyone will be the victim of his trap he made. Meanwhile, the person who engrosses stupid people will despise. On the other hand, one who intermingle holy man will revere and the one who cooperates with foolish will be accused. My son, don't ever debase anyone so you will not be debased by anyone. On the contrary, be careful not to interfere with something you don't have the right to interfere with, so no one scorns you. My son, say the truth, you'll be momentous. My son, I want you to read the Koran regularly and spread peace. I want you to be amicable commander and for abominations a restrainer. My son I want you to keep taking care of people even with those who break up with you. I want you to be generous with any asker who asks you for anything. My son, don't ever try defamation, it creates rancor' among human hearts. Don't try to mess with people's defects, since the one who messes with people's defects is on the same level with the target. My son, if you want to go out and pay some one a visit, visit dutiful people and avoid visiting profligates they can't be beneficial. Profligates are stones where their water can never gush out; they are trees but can never be greenish and bloom. They are deserts with no grass. Imam Ali ben Moussa Al-Rida (A.S.) said: ''my dad didn't leave this bequest within his life''.

Another will for Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) to one of his companions Homran ben Ayoun: "look at people whose abilities are less than yours and not at people with greater abilities than you. That will make him be satisfied with what God predestinated. Moreover, it is enhanced to ask God the great and Almighty for more. At the same time you have to be sure that God prefers the person who works a little with honest spirit more than the one who works hard with no honesty. I want to make sure that you know that devoutness is better than avoiding God's taboo. In addition to the fact to stop hearting and calumniating the believers. There is nothing superior than spending your life time with healthy morphology. Besides, money is not beneficial as being satisfied with insignificant things and wondering why God had predestinated insignificant things is due to misbelieving.

Furthermore, in a will for him (A.S.), I recommend you to fear God and devout your religion and know all the God's orders and be honest and accomplish reliability. I recommend you to lengthen your prostration and treat your neighbors gently. That’s what the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) was recommending also. He wanted us to accomplish reliability whether the person who asked was devoted or licentious. The prophet (peace be upon him and his household) wanted from all people to link their tribes, to share escorting the deceased to his final resting place and execute their rights. Because the one who is devoted in his religion accomplish his reliability and treat people gently is said to be Jaafarian (worked according to what imam al Sadek recommended) and that makes the prophet glad and happy (peace be upon him and his household). On the contrary, if a person with different characteristics that will make me (the prophet) feels his shame and affliction and said that this is Jafar's good manners. I swear to God, my father once told me that the guy from Ali's partisans (A.S.) is said to be the greatest since he accomplished reliability, honest and execute others' rights their bequests and consignments. Thus why the whole tribe asks about such guy and says about him: who have such characteristics as that guy's characteristics? He is the reliability accomplisher and the only honest one among us

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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