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The Astute

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Astute

Occasion: Abbas's Birthday

With the advent of Shaeban month, and the anniversary of the three births: in three Shaeban: Imam Al-Hussein's birth, and in four Shaeban: the birth of Abi Al-Fadel Al-Abbas, and in the fifth of it: the birth of Al-Imam Zein Al-Abedeen we offer congratulations for Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance), and the Supreme leader (God keep him).

Those saint strugglers (A.S.) agreed with each other in a unified position in Karbalaa, in which its revolution generated the second birth of Islam, and Abo Al-Fadel presented an elevated pattern in struggle and preference in addition to other characteristics that Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) implied to through his visit to his uncle Al-Abbas when he said: "Peace be upon you and upon your angels and His revealed prophets, and His pious slaves, and all the martyrs and the honest ones, the fragrant and scents that are fragranced toward you the Commander of the Faithful..., I witness for you the approval, believe, faithfulness, and sacrifice for the Prophet's descendant and the superior grandson

• The Four Attributes

In this visit, Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) implied to four attributes for Abi Al-Fadel Al-Abbas's virtues in addition to his saint (A.S.), we shed the light on them and we learn from them carefully:

1- The Approval: It is an essential element in forming the Muslim's personality, who resigns his self to God, and worship him, and obey what He says, in which we don't do what He had forbidden us from doing with out any objection; as Prophet Ibrahim did, in which he was so sublime in which when God ordered him to slaughter his son, he obeyed Him, in which he was about to slaughter him, hence he deserved to be called as some Muslims are called: the virtuous people, and God says in the Holy Quran: He named you Muslims before and in this﴿ (Al-Hajj:78) (besides God had clarified in His book that resigning to God is not achieved without resigning to the saint, in other words, believing in God is not completed unless you resign to Him, and God says: But no! by your Lord! they do not believe (in reality) until they make you a judge of that which has become a matter of disagreement among them, and then do not find any strait ness in their hearts as to what you have decided and submit with entire submission﴿ (Al-Nisaa:65), from this point, Aba Al-Fadel Al-Abbas resign his self to his brother Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.).

2- The Belief: In some times, the approval happens without being satisfied with the rightness of the work that you do and believe in, and sometimes, you are so satisfied; hence the second approval is the more sublime and perfect, because of this, Aba Al-Fadel was praised in his visit (Ziyara) especially when Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) said through it: "I witness that you weren't neither insulted nor tortured, and you passed away while you are patterning after the righteous ones and taking after the prophets". He (A.S.) added: "My uncle Abbas Bin Ali (A.S.) was astute and believer", in which being astute leads to the believe in God in a perfect way, and approving to the saint with consciousness and honesty.

3- The Faithfulness: Faithfulness is achieved through fulfilling a pledge which the person obligated him self in doing it, and through carrying out the rights, and carrying out the right of the saint is fulfilled through supporting him and struggling with him and this is a very supreme thing, and this appeared in Abi Al-Fadel (A.S.) in Karbalaa, as his brother Imam Al-Sajad (A.S.) describes him by saying: "May God have Mercy upon my uncle Al-Abbas, in which he had preferred him self to his brother, and he was tortured and he sacrificed his self until his hands were cut in order to let his brother be alive".

4- The Sacrifice: Imam (A.S.) had sacrificed his self to protect his brother Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) until he reached to a degree which Imam Zein Al-Abedeen (A.S.) said about: "May God have Mercy upon my uncle Al-Abbas, in which he had preferred him self to his brother, and he was tortured and he sacrificed his self until his hands were cut, after that God exchanged them with two wings and he can fly with them with the angels as he did for Jaafar Bin Abi Talib, besides, Abbas has a very great degree in which all the martyrs will envy him in the day of resurrection".

Furthermore, in the anniversary of Abi Al-Fadel Al-Abbas birth, the departed Imam (May his secret be sacred) wanted to draw the attention to the wounded strugglers so he named this day as the "The Day of the Wounded Man", may God reward them a very good rewards.

All praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds.

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