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The Cultural Invasion

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Cultural Invasion

Imam Khamenei (God keep him) introduced the subject of the cultural invasion, and he identified it by: it is achieved by the performance of "a political or economical group to attack the cultural basis and constituents for a nation from the other nations for the purpose of achieving its aims and situating that nation in the subordination's strap; besides, Imam specified the way for achieving those aims through agitating the new generation's satisfaction in his believes and extracting him from the effective revolutionist thinking which pushes the arrogant to the feel of the fear and danger.

And he pointed out that this invasion is an action that is characterized by calm and not arousing noise and hold the attention, because of this it is like a chemical bomb which is dashed without the feeling of anybody, and after few hours of its explosion, you notice that all the faces and the hands had been stricken, hence some can't pay attention to it so they deny it, but by his deny, he will be a confirmation for the Commander of the Faithful speaking, in which he says: "If the one is asleep, the others are not asleep, hence he is being watched".

The Increase in the Cultural Invasion

The eminence leader (God keep him) implies that the cultural invasion was previously found, but it increased more than it was in which "before one hundred year, there was a cultural invasion against Islam, but not in the same form that it is on now, and the difference between the two maybe clarified by an example: when the person faces a sluggish enemy and doesn't has any energy, he will be prepared for the military readiness which totally differs from the military readiness and preparation which the person is characterized by during his opposition to a vigilant and attentive enemy. In the previous days, the Islamic world was immersed in a deep lethargy, and lives in an anesthesia situation but it was drunken and lost consciousness… While today, Islam which is the main enemy for the west became vigilant and its reputation became joined with the memories of the attitudes that are widely spread and can't end, as that which Imam Khomeini's personality is pleated on…".

The Ways of the Cultural Invasion

Imam (God keep him) presents the two ways that the global arrogant passed through in his invasion in order to separate the youth generation from the religion:
The first way: appears by rumoring the appetites and opening the way for the dissolution and fracturing the modesty's bonds in the relation between the woman and the man.

The next way: appears by the scientific and intellectual current, in which the scientific progress changed to a mean for separating the people from the belief in the religion, and it took a pretext in order to extinct the religious belief's flame in the souls.

The Difference between the Cultural Interaction and the Cultural Invasion

The leader (God Keep him) differentiated between the cultural invasion and the interaction with the others culture through an example which is the work of the person's body, in which the person's body deals with the strange elements by two manners:

In the first: The person eats food which contains different vitamins, then the food will be mixed by the saliva and it will push it inside the stomach, then the stomach will absorb what it considers beneficial and suitable for the body and leaves the remainders, it pushes them and at last expels them, hence this is a positive deal.

In the next: The dealing is to bring the person and bind him, and insert to his body a substance which he doesn't want and doesn't desire, in this case, if the doctor was an enemy, hence what is the substance that his enemy's body will insert?!.
Accordingly, the purpose from the cultural exchange is enriching our culture and its market toward the integration while the cultural invasion aims at extirpating our culture and plucking it out.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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