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The Divine Dimension of Victory
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The Divine Dimension of Victory

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Divine Dimension of Victory

The occasion: Zionist defeatism year 2000

We congratulate Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance) and Islam’s the Supreme leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei (May God keep him) and every one especially the Islamic resistance combatants, martyrs’ families, prisoners’ families and the wounded families and all impressers because of the liberation and resistance day.

The Zionist defeatism away from great part of our precious territory on 25 May 2000 A.C. is a real victory for the Islamic resistance as it is also a great victory of our martyrs’ blood; it is the effort of our combatants. Moreover, it is great defeatism for the Zionist enemy. Before anything and after everything it is a divine victory with all comprehended factors and reasons even physical and metaphysical intensity.

God to whom be a scribed all perfection and majesty say: and remember when you were few, deemed weak in the land, fearing lest people might carry you off by force, but he sheltered you and strengthen you with his aid gave you of the good things that you may give thanks﴿ (al-Anfaal: 26). Most surely we help our messenger, and those who believe in this world’s life and on the day, when the witnesses shall stand﴿ (Ghaafir: 51). And victory is only from Allah, the mighty, the wise﴿ (aal-Imraan: 126).

The eminence of general secretary of Hezbollah (may God keep him) says: "we, human being declare in front of the whole world that this victory is all from God to whom be a scribed all perfection and majesty. God had guided us to the resistance way, He is the one who leaded us to what we’ve got; He strengthened our hearts since many years ago. Not only that, but He also filled our hearts with confidence and our souls with martyrdom admiration. God had dropped fear in our enemies’ hearts. He is the one who had shouted and achieved the goal. God had destroyed bastions, He killed the oppressors. God made this victory while we thank, praise, commend Him and ask His forgiveness. We obey His majesty and ask Him to complete our victory by liberating all our land and enfranchise our arresters and the entire agonized nation."

When we want to talk about human beings, we must mention firstly all martyrs. We should confess that their roll had leaded to this victory with the help of God, to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty. Moreover, Sayyid Abass Al-Moussawi was one of the Islamic resistance leaders. Not only that, but also the master of martyrs Sheikh Ragheb Hareb had an effective roll. Mean while, Sheikh Ahmad Yahya worshiped martyrdom and insisted to be the first Sheikh as a martyr in the historical conflict with the Israelis. He passed within the last days. He was an honest worshiper.

Furthermore, no one deny that martyr’s blood built this victory since the first martyr Ahmad Kaser, Bilal Fahes till Ammar Hamoud. We should confess these martyrs who resisted and sacrificed, left their families, houses, universities, factories and farms and spent their youth time fighting and battling. In addition to all what we’ve mentioned, we should not forget the martyr’s families, and the prisoners who are still in prisons till this day. As we shouldn’t forget about wounded people and their families as we thank all people who shared rising their children upon this spiritual resisting way. We should keep in mind the leader of combatants and martyrs Ruhollah Al-Moussawi Imam Al-Khomeini may God holy his secret. Furthermore, one should also talks about Imam Moussa Al-Sader (May God return him back) is the founder of this resistance line on the Lebanese territory. Hence, we should mention all the holly men, who sacrificed, all people who worked hard to establish the faithful resistant Lebanese who are ready to sacrifice anytime. Not only that, but also we mention people living on the borders who suffered and tolerated the catastrophe. At the same time villagers who lived encounter with the defense line used to be boomed every day. They never lived peacefully .

The Basic Factor for Achieving Victory

Sayyid Hassan said that the basic factor of that great historical divine victory is the same as what Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: "war is a competition one day we may lose, while the other we may win, unless God see our honesty and prohibit us victory and defeat our enemy". This completion war is the same that Sayyid Abass guided us toward. We knew we were through competition war. We knew that we may kill as we might be killed. We may win as we may lose. We may beat others and others may beat us. But also we knew that our houses will be destroyed as we were sure we are going to destroy our enemy’s houses. We were sure we are going to feel afraid as we are going to frighten others. We were sure of our martyrs and that we are going to win that competition. We saw that in our martyr’s eyes, in their children’s. We could recognize that in the tears of the martyrs’ mothers and with the smiles of their fathers. Within the combatants’ determination. We used to see the same victory you have seen today. Fighting only didn’t achieve victory; it was just evidence and a witness for our honesty in front of God. Our honesty is the only thing that deposed victory.

Our honesty and loyalty leaded to this victory and gave it this deepness and this value with this power and enthusiasm. Lebanese people, resistors and combatants had proven that they were all honest and loyal. This loyal honest resistance was special and had certain privacy since the first day. Sayyid Abass had sat with his sustains at Imam Al-Mahdi’s school in Baalbak to establish this resistance after the Israeli invasion to Lebanon on 1982 A.C. None of the combatants thought about his body and about the damages, they were just thinking about God. This resistance since the first day was God’s resistance. Moreover, its tears, blood, happiness, pain, grief and its sadness all due to God, to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty.

On the other side, people who donated themselves, their children, their families, their brothers and sisters, suffered and tolerated. They were just focusing how could they satisfy God and how can God help them defeat their enemies. This is why the Lebanese resistance was one of the most honest historical examples. At the same time, the Lebanese resistance is one of the famous modern credibility. God says: if you help (the cause of) Allah, he will help you and make firm your feet﴿ (Mohammad: 7) .

This spiritual side that the eminence of general secretary (God keep him) talked about is the spiritual faith, honesty and loyalty. We should not only keep it but we should also protect it by the means of being devoted and fear God. Also worshiping God and the prophet and his posterity (peace be upon them) not only that also one should think about the hereafter and avoid offenses. We can never achieve that, if we kept on being attached to this present life and its desires and yearnings, since ones’ heart can never combines loving the hereafter and the present life at the same time.

All praise is due to God, the Lord of the worlds.

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