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The Forties Memory of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Forties Memory of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.)

The prophet of Islam and his family (peace be upon them) urged people to visit their virtuous couch. It was mentioned that the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said to Al-Imam Ali (A.S.), "Ali, who visited me in my life or after my death or visited you in your life or after your death; or visited your sons in their life or after their death, guranteed him in the resurrection day from its horrors and its difficulties and make him be in my degree."

Al-Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) said: "There is a covenant for every Imam towards his allies and Shiites, the full realization of the covenant and the good performance is visiting their graves, which has a desire to visit them and believes in what they ask, Imams will be his intercessor during the Resurrection day." Visiting the graves of the prophet's family is not only recommended on traveling to it, but also it is mentioned that it is pleasant to visit them from farness. About Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.), "if someone's place was far away and he wasn't able to visit us, just go up to the top of the house, and prays two bows, says peace be upon our graves, it will definitely reaches us."

Visiting Al-Imam Al- Hussein (A.S.)

It has been confirmed vigorously by the prophet's family (peace be upon them) to visit Al-Imam al Hussein (A.S.). It was mentioned by Sadir, Al-Imam Al-Sadek asked me: "Sadir do you visit Al-Imam Al-Hussein grave everyday? I said: "No, done for your sake" he said (A.S.), how antipathy r u? Do you visit him every Friday? I said no. He said (A.S.), do you visit him every month? I said no. He said (A.S.) do you visit him every year? I said, yes you can say that. He said (A.S.), "how antipathy are you towards Al-Hussein?" didn't you know that for god there are thousands and thousands of angels who cry and visit, never shy away,oh Sadir visit him five times every Friday, once everyday. I said, "Done for your sake sir, our home is far from his grave." He (A.S.) said," go to the top of your house, look to the right and then to the left, lift your head to the sky and then turn to Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) grave and say: Oh Abu Abdullah peace be upon you, may peace and mercy be upon you, then a visit will be written for you, and the visit is a hajj and a minor hajj."

It was mentioned that it is pleasant to visit Al-Imam Al-Hussein(A.S.) in many special occasions as, in the first and the mid of rajab, in the mid of shaaban, during Qader nights, Al-Fitr and Al-Adha Eid, Arafah day, Ashouraa and the twentieth of safar which is the forties day (alarbaeen day) after his blessed martyrdom.. In the famous hadith of Al-Imam Hassan Al-Askari (A.S.), "the faithful has five signs: fifty-one prayer, visiting the Arabaeen, wearing rings in the right hand, fogging the forehead, and speaking loudly (in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)".

That visit (Al-Arbaeen) contains a private visit for Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) which is like other visits, it holds high contents from the prophet's family to the nation to spread knowledge and awareness among its members, and make the visitor confirm his readiness for the cause of the master of martyrs Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.), supporting who is like Hussein and fighting who is like Yazid during his life. In the forties text comes the following: "I concern about what you ask, and my support is ready until God permits, I'm with you and not with your enemy." Moreover, in some of Al-Imam Al-Hussein's visit "labayka daai Allah" is stated seven times, some scientists say that Al-Imam (A.S.) said that perhaps because when he (A.S.) saw many of his companions were killed, asked people to support him seven times to continue Al-Imam's issue after his martyrdom. The issue of right and justice against falsehood and injustice. That issue, was in history and still in present and it will remain until someone comes to fill out the earth with justice and equity after it has been filled with injustice and oppression.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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