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The Hidden Support

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Hidden Support

As perceived by

Imam Ruh Allah Al-Mousawi Al- Khomeini

Written in the anniversary of the departure of Imam Al-Khomeini

In the beginning of his Divine political will, Imam Ruh Allah Al-Mousawi Al-Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) places a focus on the prime role that assists in accomplishing the victory of the blessed Islamic Revolution in Iran. "To the dear current and coming generations, I would like to present some issues… we know that this great revolution has cut the hands of the world tyrant eaters from reaching the Great Iran; its victory is being accomplished by Divine hidden backing ups; without Allah’s Able help, this nation would not get united from all over the land of the country along one row and one path and rebel, and remove all of the great internal and external powers by the call of ‘Allah is the Greater’ as well as the national puzzling sacrifices, which appeared to be beyond super-capabilities. Doubtless, this Divine masterpiece and present is kindly given to this aggrieved nation from Allah, the All-Bountiful!"
Imam Al-Khomeini wants to direct the attention of those who depend heavily on concrete factors, like for example those who only consider the role of quantified and fully equipped power in making victory, while forgetting all about the real cause of every single thing, the cause that is manifested by God, Lord of all the worlds! Shifting attention to the real cause is the same methodology adapted by the Holy Quran as it addresses the farmers who consciously dedicate cultivation and gardening work to their physical efforts. The Quran wonders in Sürat Al-Waqi’ah, verses 63-64: Have you considered what you sow? Is it you who make it grow, or are We the grower?﴿

Thus Imam Al-Khomeini wants to shift the attention of those who mistakenly imagine themselves the makers of the victory to its real maker instead: Allah, Glory and Praise to Him!

Imam Al-Khomeini kept assuring the fact of the presence of the Divine help since the beginning of his blessed renaissance. He says: "Iranian nation should not fear colonizing powers’ explicit support to Shah’s rule but feel tranquil toward Allah’s victory, instead, as Allah recommends in Sürat Al- Hajj, verses 39: And Allah is indeed able to help them﴿.

Besides, Imam Al-Khomeini draws the attention also toward the Divine intervention in the details of the blessed revolution; this intervention is manifested in the loud voices that surround their leaders declaring support and loyalty; he says: "The voices that you are hearing are all of Allah; it is Allah’s Ability; this Intifada has been entirely accomplished by the power of Allah!"

• The Hidden Divine Tactics

Imam Al-Khomeini has been honest enough when he practically interpreted what is mentioned in the Qur’an about Allah’s hidden tactics of intervention; he explains verse 151 of Sürat Al-Imrän We shall cast terror into the hearts of the faithless﴿ as questioning on the basis of reality: "Hasn’t the secret of this nation’s victory been the terror that Allah casts in the hearts of these oppressors?!" Then, he goes on shedding the light on the verse 44 Sürat Al-Isrä:
There is not a thing but celebrates His praise,...﴿

He clarifies: "In reality, everything celebrates the praise of Allah; Prophetic statements have pointed to the nature of celebration of living things, other than humans. Such celebrations are being communicated in languages that are foreign to my own ears and yours as well; they are being uttered in other forms of speeches, words, and languages that are known to humans’."

In one of his famous speeches, Imam Al-Khomeini brings into light a real incident upon which such an interpretation could be exactly applied. He wonders: "Hasn’t time been due for those who are oblivious toward spiritualities and unfaithful in the hidden world to get awake from their snoozing? Who has got Carter’s vertical warplanes fallen down? Have we done so? They are together the sands and the winds, both of them are Allah’s warriors, and they have got them down."

• Hidden Support’s Two Fundamentals

Imam Al-Khomeini assures that such a Divine and hidden support does not descend haphazardly. There should be at least a basis upon which this support descends. Imam Al-Khomeini states that there are two bases: being honest and united. He states in his will: "Doubtless, the secret of the survival of the Islamic Revolution is the same that lies behind its victory. The coming generations will read that the two fundamentals that allow the descending of Divine help are:
1. The Divine motivation and the high goal of the Islamic government.
2. Getting the entire nation all across the country united.

To the entire current and coming generations I say, if you want Islam and Allah’s government stay stable, and the hands of colonizers along with the internal and external profiteers be cut, you should not get the Divine motivation that is recommended by the Holy Quran be lost.

All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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