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The Honesty's Status

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Honesty’s Status

The honesty’s status became clear in Islam in the praise of the Holy Quran to God in the honesty in speaking, in which God said: Who is more true in word than Allah?﴿ [The women: 87] and God said: And who is truer of word than Allah﴿ [The women: 122].

The honesty in speaking was from the essential constituents in the Prophets’ missions, and it was related to Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) that he said: "All the prophets that God sent were honest and perform faithfulness for the pious and for the dissolute". And during Prophet Mohammad’s blessed mission, it was an essential role for the honesty in speaking in the people’s trust to his honorable call, in which he was famous before the mission between the people as the honest and the faithful, and he depended in the beginning of the auspicious mission on his honesty among people when he stood on the Marwa’s rock and called the people, then they met together, and he told them: "If I informed you that there are horses coming from the versant of this mountain and want to raid on you, do you believe me? They said, we swear by God yes, you had never lied to us, then Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said: I'm a herald for you, and under my authority a severe torture" and God called us to pattern after the God’s saints (A.S.) or as they are characterized by "The Honest ones" and God said: O you who believe! Be careful of your of (your duty to) Allah and be with the true ones (PM and his 12 successors)﴿.

And Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) informed us that the standard in the person’s reformation is his honesty and his perform of the fidelity, and he said: "Don’t be deceived neither by their prayers nor by their fasting, because maybe the man mentions continually in the pray and in the fasting even if he left them, he will be desolated but test them with respect to the honesty in speaking and performing the fidelity".

The Effects of Honesty

The family of the Prophet (peace be upon them) clarified the good effects of the honesty, and some of it:
1. It is rescuer: The Commander of the Faithful said: "Honesty rescues you even if you are frightened of it, and lying destroys you even if you are secured by it".

2. It develops the work: Imam Al-Kazem (A.S.) said: "The one who lets his tongue be honest, hence he purifies his work".

3. It leads to rightness: The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) said: "Honesty is the rightness for every thing while the lying is the corruption of every thing".

4. It is a glory: The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) said: "Honesty is glory".

5. It reconciles between the Prophet: Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said: "The ones who will be reconciled to me in the Day of Resurrection are the ones who are honesty in speaking".

Relation between the Honesty and the Believe

The family of the Prophet focused on the pertinent relation between the belief and the honesty, and The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) said: "Honesty is on the top of the belief" and he said also: "Honesty is the most powerful supports for belief", hence the one who leaves this good characteristic is destroying an essential support from the belief’s supports, because of this, it was related to Imam Abi Jafar (A.S.) his saying: "Lying is a way for destroying the belief".

Besides, Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) commented on this hadith by saying: "In fact, such these news shaken the deepness of the person, and fracture his back, and we imagine that lying is from the corrupted acts that the person had left at all the feeling of its ugliness due to its spread among people, and a time will come in which we will recognize and feel that this believe which is the capital of the hereafter's world life had been disappeared from us because of our slighting in lying and we didn’t feel by that at all". May God help us not to lie and let us be from the honest ones.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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