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The Mission Objectives
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The Mission Objectives

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Mission Objectives

Occasion: The Memory of the Noble Mission

Congratulations to Al-Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) and the Supreme Leader of the Muslims Sayyid Ali Khamenei (May God keep him), and all the believers especially the strugglers, in the memory of the noble mission in the twenty-seventh of Rajab month.

- The Truth of the Mission

Allah says in his Quran, he is who raised among the inhabitants of Mecca and apostle from among themselves, who recites to them his communications and purifies them, and teaches them the book and the wisdom, although they were before certainly in clear error﴿ the day of the prophet's noble mission is a great day to complete the principle of grace and to complete the divine religion of mankind, because of the presence of a personality as the prophet's personality and a heart as his enlightened heart at that time, there was no place for the grace to let Allah pass through to mankind by the greatest grace.

The supreme leader of the Muslims (may God keep him) said: "The mission fountain that began on this day inside the prophet's heart had an important path…. where a divine light had shined inside the heart of a senior and exceptional man, that was the first step and the beginning of the mission, and there was no doubt that those things were the most important sides for that case. The shining of that light inside the prophet's heart and bearing of the responsibility of the revelation reflected explicitly the spread that linked the world of creation and human existence with the physical world supernaturally and here was the link."

Because of that the supreme leader of the Muslims (may God keep him) considers that the mission day is the greatest day in the human history, where the birth of the most prominent and the oversaw of concepts and values, the mission of the prophet (peace be upon him) was a process movement to reach humans to: individual, spiritual and moral perfection from one side and the promotion of the social life and rehabilitation of the communities form the other side.

The Mission Goals

The supreme leader of the Muslims (may God keep him) says: "There are two goals for this incident since its occurrence, the first: finding an interior spiritual, psychological state to guide the human's soul towards Allah, in another word faith and turning towards Allah (the Lord of the world) or expressing through the quranic verses. So what Allah offers people through the mission is, the holy Quran and remembering, then he (may God keep him) completes saying," the key of all reforms and happiness in the physical world today is that people are directed to themselves, and remembering and searching for the goal of creation and what is behind these manifestation of physical life, for example: eating and sleeping, intimacy, loving money and power-fold. Thus the roots of corruption are not addressed to the real interior world, and this is the symbol, the meaning and the essence of life; going toward the principle, the reference and listening to the orders of a governor who has a metaphysical authority and in the Quran mean, believing in the unseen, ﴾those who believe in the unseen﴿ then he continues showing the second goal saying, "The second objective that the prophet (peace be upon him) seek from the first moment is finding a healthy environment for human's life, an environment which is empty of injustice, the weak is not crushed by the strong , and the weaken never feel failure and not controlled by the absolute law of the jungle . And so what is called in the holy Quran and Alhadith about equity and justice, in a meaning of justice, hope, and the goal of mankind since the beginning of human history.

And he (may God keep him) continues saying, "the first goal for the prophets is the stability of justice besides the Holy-Quran, and these two main objectives, for sure the Holy-Quran is more important since it is the origin and base; if the negligence occurred, then justice will find nothing and it won't materialize. Because of that you have seen the activities that have raised the slogan of social justice aren't able to ease anything about social justice in their communities; yes other things are achieved, for example: going to the space, the industry of rockets that cross intercontinental. But it failed in achieving social justice; since social justice is achieved through human reform and the reform of souls and inner souls are achieved through the Holy-Quran and the orientation to Allah."

The supreme leader of the Muslims concludes: "When we celebrate the prophet's mission for the revive of this privacy, the immortal of the memory of personalities and the approaches and incidents to draw lessons from them."

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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