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The Prayer Group
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The Prayer Group

In the name of Allah, the Lord of the worlds

The Prayer Group

Allah loved the prayer, he made devotions scattered around the worshiper from the above sky till the junction of his head. And ordered the angels, to surround him from (under) his feet to the above sky. Allah's love toward the prayer has been intensified especially when it is held by a group. So he raised its level, increased its reward, which the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) describes in his words: "The group prayer is my nation's rows which looks like the angels' rows, the prostrate in the group prayer is equal to twenty-four prostration, each prostrate is loved by Allah more than a worship for forty years".

What confirms the importance of the group prayer the story of that blind man who came to the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) saying to him messenger of God, I'm a blind man and perhaps I hear the appeal and I don't find who leads me to the group prayer and to the prayer with you; the prophet answered him: "tight a rope from your house to the mosque and join the group prayer."

The Great Reward

The reward of the group prayer is maximized when the number of worshiper grows to ten, once Gabriel (A.S.) told the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) the following: "what grows to ten, if the skies became ink and the trees pens and the (Althakalan) with the angels a book they aren't able to write the reward of a single prostration."

1- Keeping on doing it, in the saying Hadith comes the following: "Who maintains on the group prayer wherever he is, will pass on the path (Al-Sirat) as the lightning star with the first group, with formers and his face is full with lights from the full moon, and he will have for every maintained one in a day and a night the reward of a martyr."

2- To be behind the scholar: the group prayer is awarded only behind the fair scholar, and even if he is not a scholar but worshipers trust him (his justice) in anyway and it is enough to observe justice apparently without knowing his interior personality. But the prayer behind the scholar is better and more rewarded as it is narrated about Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.), "the prayer behind the scholar equates thousand prostrate." And in a reply for the supreme leader of Muslims Al-Imam Al-Khamenei, "if the dear brothers were able easily to perform the ritual behind the religious scholar whom they find worthy to be followed, even by going out to the nearest mosques, they are not allowed to follow someone else rather than the religious scholar."

3- It should be in the mosque: to maximize its reward as it comes in the following Hadith, "the prayer in the mosque (grouped) equates one hundred prayers". Upon that if he is behind the scholar, its reward will be a hundred thousand as our great scholars has provided us.

4- To be performed in order: the prophet (peace be upon him) stressed on the importance of organizing the group prayer, through aligned rows and adjacent shoulders saying: "equate between your rows and straighten your shoulders, you won't be in the hands of the Satan."

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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