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The Stretching of the Earth

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Stretching of the Earth

Occasion: The Day of the Earth Stretch in the Twenty-Fifth of Dul-Qeda

The twenty-fifth of dul-qeda month is one of the blessed days: it is the day of the earth stretch, one of the four days that are specialized for fasting through the summed year. It is narrated that fasting in this day is equivalent to fasting for seventy-years and expiation for the sins of seventy years. Also it is narrated that in this day Allah's mercy are spread out, and that the worship and the meeting of believers in to supplicate for God, are rewarded very much. Also it contains several desirable works in the book of supplications.
And the day of the earth stretch is linked to the noble Kaaba, as Al-Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) has signed to when he was asked about the reason of putting the Kaaba in the middle of the world, he answered that: "It is the position of the place where the earth was stretched." Also as we notice in the beginning of the following supplication, "God, who stretched the Kaaba…."

Al-Kaaba Position

And the position of the Kaaba -the place of the earth stretch- is the holiest site on this earth as what was mentioned in the following Hadith, "God has chosen one thing from everything, and selected from Mecca the mosque and has chosen from the mosque the position of the Kaaba." So for the kaaba there is a special feature, it is the old house that no one of people owns, it is built on four pillars that reflect the four words upon which Islam is built on, "praise God, thank God, no God but God and God is great."

From here was the great reward for looking to the Kaaba, narrated about the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household), "looking at the Kaaba, destroys the sins demolition." Also about Al-Imam Al-Baker (A.S.),"who looked at the Kaaba knowing its value, God forgives his sins and takes away what sprouts him. "Also for touring around the kaaba there is the great divine tender, it was reported about the prophet's family that Allah boasts with those who tour around the Kaaba and inflicts sixty mercy on them everday,give them an alms with every step, delete a sin with every step and raise them a degree with every step. It was narrated about Al-Imam Al-Baker (A.S.): "If you toured around for a whole week, you will have upon God a covenant and reputations that make Allah feel embarrassed of agonizing you after it." Also it was mentioned in the Hadith: "If you toured around the Kaaba five times he will be out of his sins as the day of his birth." Allah provided us the honor to visit his home (Al-Kaaba) and be blessed.

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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