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Unification Day by Supplication

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Unification Day by Supplication

Occasion: The Day of Arafah

The ninth day of Dhu-Al-Hijjah is the day of Arafah, which Allah considers a great day and one of the glorified and greatest days. It was narrated that it is pleasant to celebrate its night and its day worshiping. Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) had said: "The one who prays in the day of Arafah two prostrations being under the sky, supplicating and confessing to God with his sins, will be as if the person who is standing at Arafah and will obtain the same as the people who are at Arafah and God will forgive all his sins".

Also it was mentioned that it is pleasant to perform ablution, to visit Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) and particularly it is pleasant to fast, and in some narrations it was said that fasting in that day equates fasting a whole age and a penance of ninety-years. But who views especially in the "works of the day", will find how pleasant is fasting in that day. Besides, he will pay attention that fasting is beneficial to those who can fast and still able to supplicate. This day is singled out for supplication. Moreover, in the previous narration we mentioned that fasting and celebrating by supplication that day is not competent to whom are at Arafah but also it encompass all the people since the doors of response are opened and obstructs are blocked.

Unification by Supplication

It was related to Imam Zein Al-Abedeen (A.S.) that he heard a person requesting something from another person in the day of Arafah: "O, are you requesting in this day things from some other than God? It is wished for the fetuses that are in their mother's uteruses to be happy in this day". We have to supplicate only to Allah, especially in this day which is the appropriate unification to God and ratifying his promise, didn't he say promising: ﴾call upon me, I will answer you.﴿ so who owns good rather than Allah, who wards off harm rather than Allah; also the meaning of unification by supplication is to consider him our hope and request, he is the only God with no partner. One of the meanings of (God) is scared of, so (God) is the frightful; therefore the meaning of (no God rather than Allah) is that there is no frightful in the world except Allah. So who believed that Allah is the only frightful? How he appalled (resort) to someone else? (Almorakebat)

In the holy hadith: my pride and majesty, my glory and loftiness over my throne, I will cut off the hope of everyone who requests someone rather than me by hopelessness and make him wear a dress of humiliation among people, make him apart of me and keep him away from any connection with me, in hardships, does he look forward and all hardships in my hands, and hopes other than me, by thought knocks the door of others and the keys of doors are in my hand and they are closed, my door is opened to those who invites me. So who put his hope in me for his problems and I didn't answer him, and who pleased me to a grand thing and I cut off his expectations; I made all my worshipers hope reserved but they didn't agree about my reservation, I filled my skies with things that makes you not bored of extolling and I ordered them not to close the doors between us but they didn't trust me. Don't they know that if they faced one of my misfortune no one else rather than me can take him out, so why I see him away from me? I offered him generosity without asking me, then I took it from him, he didn't care to ask about and asked someone else. Does he see me tendering before asking then I ask but he doesn't reply? Am I stingy to be viewed by my worshiper with stinginess? Aren't generosity and liberty mine? Aren't forgiveness and mercy in my hand? Am I not the place of hopes, so who else can cut it off? Don't the hopers fear of putting their hopes by someone else? If the people of my skies and earth hope and then I give each member of them his hope, I will lack nothing of my properties. So how a certain property is lacked and I am the creator of it? How miserable are the people who despair from my mercy, and how misery are those who disobeyed me and don't watch me."

In fact, we should give time to supplication in this great day, especially in what we have mentioned, exclusively Arafah supplication that is full with high contents, with a hope not to forget in this day to supplicate for our Imam (A.S.) to ask God to hasten his appearance and to ask God keep our supreme leader, to ask victory for the Islamic resistance, the liberation for prisoners and the recovery for wounded.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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