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The Practical Role for Imam Kathem (A.S) Toward the Nation

The Practical Role for Imam Kathem (A.S) Toward the Nation

Occasion: The Birth of Imam Moussa Al-Kathem (A.S.)

We offer our congratulation to The Master of This Time Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation), the Muslims’ Authority during Imam Al-Mahdi’s absence Imam Al-Khaminaei (May God lengthen his presence among us), all the Muslims, and the resistants for the birth of Imam Moussa ibn Jaafar Al-Kathem (God’s peace bestowed upon him).

The role, the activity, and the way of Imam Moussa Kathem which his era was characterized by are summarized as mentioned hereinafter:

- The Efficient presence in the Political Field:

Imam Al-Kathem had forbidden the dealings and the cooperation with the ruling body of his common Shiite and supporters, but he gave the permission for a group of his companions to be present in the executive body of the country for many reasons, and achieving many aims such as being so close to the most higher political position so that he will be fully aware of the political information that are published by the governor court so that he can take the necessary arrangements and be cautious in order for the Shiite presence not to be annihilated, hence, he can carry out the believers' needs.

- The Political Education:

Imam Al-Kathem focused on his Shiite particularly and on the Muslims in general about the sanctity of the cooperation with the oppressive ones, and he used to narrate about the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) his saying with respect to this idea the following: "Any person who do his best to be close to a sultan, then he will be so far from God Almighty".

Prophet Mohammad adds saying concerning this the following:

- "He who infringes homage, or supports a stray, or takes money not for his right, or assists an oppressor and he knows that he is as such, he will be free from Islam".

- "Beware not to be close with the sultan and his collaterals because by this way, you will be far from God. And he who does that, God will consider him as a sinner one and He will take away from him the pious and will be all the time confused".  

"The legal scholars are considered to be the faithful of the messengers if they didn't step into the world. Then someone asked the Prophet: what do you mean by being stepped into the world? The Prophet answered saying: stepping into the world means to follow the sultan, so if they did as such, then take care and be alert about you religion".
From this point, we realize the dissatisfaction of Ali Ben Yakteen and his insistence to stop working with the oppressive sultan.

Ali Ben Taher said: "Ali Ben Yakteen asked for Imam Moussa's permission to quit working with the sultan, but Imam didn't give him the permission, and told him: "You should keep on working with the sultan because you will be amiable for us, and your brothers will get their honor from you, you will be assisted, O Ali, the penance of your acts is to do good with your brothers; guarantee one for me, and I will guarantee you three: guarantee for me to fulfill all the needs of the people, I will guarantee for you not to be imprisoned at all, not to be killed, and not to be poor at all. O Ali, he who delight a believer person, he will begin with God, which means that when you delight a person, you will be as if delighting God and his prophet (peace be upon him and his household).  

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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