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The Heart's Life
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The Heart's Life

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Heart's Life

The will of Al-Imam Ali (A.S.) the son of Abi Talib, to his son Al-Imam Al-Hasan (A.S.), which he wrote while he was leaving Sofeen.

"My son, I ask you to fear God, and to adhere to his order, build your heart through God's invokes, cling with his rope, and which reason bonded more than a reason between you and Allah if you take. Revive your heart with sermon, and kill it through asceticism, and strengthen it through certainty, blossom it through prudence, and dalliance it through talking about death, decide for it the cessation of being, and show it life's catastrophes, warn it from the attack of epoch and the changing of days and nights; show it the passed news, and remind it about what had happened before to the previous people, walk in their homes, and observe what they have done before they have moved, where they have gone! You will notice that they have moved away from their beloved, and became in the strange home, as if after a while you will become like them.

So repair your abode, and never sell your afterlife to your lifetime. Avoid talking about what you ignore, and saying a speech which you are not asked about, and avoid walking in a path if you fear its delusion, because stopping during the perplex of delusion is better than embarking terribleness; order people to be kind, you become from its family, controvert evil through your hand and your tongue... never take in God a blame, and for right wade adventures any place it is, get acquainted to jurisprudence, habituate yourself to be patient if you face misfortune. How good ethics are if you were able to be patient for right, let yourself depends on God in everything, then you are following it to an invincible cave, and to a dear deterrent, be loyal in the matter to your God, since in his hand tender and deprivation.

My son, even if I didn’t live long like the previous, but I have observed their work, and thought about their news, followed their remnant, until I became like one of them…understand the will my son, and know that the owner of death is the owner of life, the creator is the mortal, and the one who evanescent is the same who reoccurs, the one who afflicts is the one who cures, and that life is settled on what God wants: grace, ordeal, penalty in resurrection or what he wants in what you don't know…

My son, make yourself a balance between you and others, like to others what you like to yourself, and hate to them what you hate to yourself, deal with others in justice the same as you like others to deal with you, be kind to others as you want them to be with you, uglify in yourself the things that you find ugly in others, please people in the way you like to be pleased, never say what you don't know, even if you know less; and never say what you dislike to be said to you, be aware of being deceived by what you see from mundane people, in the way they want life; since its people are barking dogs, predatory animals, cherished one eats subservient one, and its adult subjugate its young, and never be from those who don't benefit from sermon unless it causes him excessiveness pain, since sane benefits through morals and animals through hit.

Leave your religion and your life to your God, and ask Him the best province now and later, during life and hereafter and peace be upon you.

Eventually, all the praise is due to Allah, the lord of the world.

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