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Glimpses Of The Life Of Imam Al-Jawad's (A.S.)

In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

Glimpses Of The Life Of Imam Al-Jawad's (A.S.)

Occasion: Imam Al-Jawad Birth

Congratulations to al-Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) and the Supreme Leader of the Muslims Sayyid Ali Khamenei (May God keep him), and all the believers especially the strugglers, for the birth of Imam Abi Jaafer Mohammad Al-Jawad (A.S.) in the tenth of Rajab month as is mentioned in some stories.

Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.) was born in Medina under the protection of Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) during the period of the struggle and the strain of the evidences in the Abbasid Caliphate between Al-Amin and Al-Mamun the sons of Harun Al-Rashid which was rife with many complicated political events and situations.

Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.) contributed as the other Imams in spreading out the Islamic sciences and knowledge, and he taught an elite scholars and narrators who formed later on a link between the Imam (A.S.) and the nation.

Besides, Imam Al-Jawad assumed the divine imamate when he was eight years old and may be that was the thing which let the Abbasi governor Al-Mamun to organize debates for the purpose of clarifying the capability of letting a scientific weakness appear in Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.), and consequently the tumble of the thesis of the Prophet's family (A.S.) which had often softens his heart and worried him, and Al-Mamun said to Yahya Ibn Al-Aktham who was known as the period's judge: I pose an issue for Abi Jaafar Mohammad the son of Al-Rida that will disturb him. Then Ibn Aktham asked Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.): What can you say about a person who was in consecration and had been killed shooting?

Then Imam (A.S.) asked about the details: His killing was lawful or forbidden, he was a knowing person or an ignorant one, did he kill him on purpose or by error? Was he liberal or a slave? Young or adult? Beginner or repeater? The killed one was one of the birds or other than that? From the young birds or from the adult ones? Was he insistent on what he had done or he was repentant? When did he kill it, at night or during the day when he was conscious? Was he in consecration for Umrah or for Hajj? After that, Ibn Al-Aktham was confused, and he was silent. Then Al-Mamun said: "The households of the Prophet were characterized among all the people by this merit, and even they are small in their ages, but this doesn't prevent them from being perfect ones, don't you know that the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) had started his call by a supplication to the Commander of the faithful Ali Ibn Abi Talib, and he was ten years old and Islam agreed about this and related it for him, and no one was called in the same age other than him, hence, did you know now what characteristic did God specialize those people, and they are one family, and every thing happens for some one of them, happens with all the others.

Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.) faced these scientific and cultural challenges that were excited toward him from the greatest scientific personalities who can communicate with the Abbasi government, until he topple it and converted it to a powerful one and a way for diffusing the original Islam. Even that the Abassiyeen weren’t having any method except the old style, which is bloodshed, and assassinating the Imam (A.S.), after that he was martyred when he was twenty five years old, and then what his father Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) had told him about had came true, when he said: “A similar person to Mossa bin Omran was born and he was the one who cleaved the sea, and a similar one to Issa the son of sacred Mariam, who was born clean, and he will be killed forcibly and all the angels will cry him, and God will be a furious at his enemies and the ones who oppress him, then a short period, and God will torture him a severe torture and punish him a harsh punishment.

Some Of Al- Imam’s Sayings

- "You should ask for learning, because asking for it is an obligation, and searching for it is a supererogatory performance, and it is a link between the brothers, and it is an indication to the generosity, and a masterpiece in the councils, and a companion during the travel, and amiable in the exile".

- "Learning is of two kinds, printed and heard, and it is not beneficial if it wasn’t printed, and the one who knew the wisdom, will not be patient to benefit from it. Beauty is represented by the way of speaking, and the completeness is represented by the mind and the way of thinking".

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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