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The Soul's Weakness And The Rely On God

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Soul's Weakness And The Rely On God

God said in the Holy Quran: And it is not for us that we should bring you an authority except by Allah's Permission And on Allah should the believers rely﴿ 1 .

One of the morality's virtues that a person can't reach to the near position to God without it is the "rely" matter, and this is according to what the verses and the Islamic stories implied.

And what is meant by relying is: authorizing the matters to God and to depend on his mercy and grace, and this is what lets the soul be assured and calmed and grants it the ability to confront the difficult problems and accidents.

Besides, the person who relies on God doesn't feel with lowness and weakness at all, but vise versa he sees himself victorious and successful in his personal and social life due to his dependence on the God's mercy and knowledge and absolute ability; and even if he failed occasionally, this shouldn't let him be desperate and despondent.

The Holy Quran presented while presenting the Prophets' biography, the characteristics of the divine prophets' (the rely) characteristic, in which we notice that they depend and rely on God in front of the plenty difficulties and problems that they face in their mission's way and the calling for God.

The Rely in many Islamic Hadith

The Islamic stories gave a great importance to this virtue and illustrated its positive effects and its blessings toward the member and the society, and some of these importance are:

1- What was mentioned in the noble Hadith that was related to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household): "The person who likes to be the most powerful one between people should rely on God".

2- And we read in another Hadith that was related to the commander of faithful (A.S.): "Relying leads to the certitude".

3- And in another hadith which is deep in its meaning is what was mentioned in Ibraaheem's (A.S.) story in the explanation of Ali Bin Ibraaheem: "When they put Ibraaheem in the catapult, his uncle Azar came toward him and slapped him harshly on his face, and said to him: "Desist on what you are on, and nothing was left and didn't request God to save Ibraaheem, and the ground said: There is no one other than him on me who worships you and be incinerated! And the angels said like this also, and Gabriel came to him while he was in the catapult, so he said: Ibraaheem, do you have any need? I need nothing from you, but I have a need from God? He handed over to him a ring written on it: "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, I entrust my cause to God, I lean my matter to God, and I authorized my matter to God"; then God inspired to the fire (Be a comfort and peace) then Ibraaheem's teeth was agitated due to cold until he said (Peace to Ibraaheem), then Gabriel came down and sat with him and started speaking with him in the fire and in the green meadow, and a rebel looked at him and said: "the one who wants to choose a God, choose a God like Ibraaheem's God".

Hence, the rely on God had changed the fire to a nice garden and a fascinated heaven, this rely granted Ibraaheem the power to discipline the soul and the calm and the tranquility even that he didn't find a need for entreating with Gabriel and this was considered being far from God, and a disagreement according to the belief and the rely, and definitely we should just collect the water from the pure springs.

4- In another hadith we read in this content what was related to Imam Al-Baker (A.S.): "The one who rely on God will not be defeated, and the one who adheres to God will not be defeated".

5- And it was mentioned in the hadith that was related to Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S.): "The one, who relies on God, will be submitted by the difficulties, and the reasons will be easier".

And how this can't be while in the contrary the cause's causative is God and every thing is subordinated and submitted to him.

6- We conclude our speech with another hadith which is related to Lokman Hekim in spite of the existence of many hadith that determined the importance of the rely and its great positive effects on the person's materialistic and incorporeal life, and this when Lokman advised his son by saying: "O my son! Rely on God then ask people, who are the persons who relied on God and didn't suffice them!".

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


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