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Divine Words Referring to Imam Khomeini
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Divine Words Referring to Imam Khomeini

Divine Words Referring to Imam Khomeini

For those who are well-versed in Islamic knowledge, Imam Khomeini (r.a.) is that very shining star of the sky of truth whose rise was foretold by his exalted ancestors – the Infallible Imams (May Allah’s salutations be upon them) centuries before.

Here we present two Narrations from the Infallible Imam (AS) attesting to the truthfulness of Imam Khomeini and his Islamic Revolution and Movement:

Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (AS): “The city of Qum has been named so (Qum meaning rise up ) because the people of that city will gather around our Qa’im. Qa’im is the title of the Infallsible Twelfth Imam Mahdi (AS) who is alive and will rise up to establish Divine Rule and administer justice all over the world and will make Qiyam (uprising) with him . They will stand by his side firmly and will help him steadfastly.”

Imam Musa Al Kazim – the seventh Infallible Imam: “A great man from (the city of) Qum will rise, calling the people to God. A group of people will gather around him. Those people will have heart firm and strong as iron, unwavering in the face of the severe storms of events, they never get tired of nor fear fighting and they rely on God. And Final victory is for the pious.”

Just a glance at the last-wills written by the martyrs of the 8-year-war imposed by the U.S. back B’athi regime on the Islamic Iran will prove to us that they were all among those pious men of firm determination cited in the above-mentioned Narrations. They sacrificed their blessed lives for Islam and thus greatly contributed to the sacred cause of paving the way for the Reappearance and Rise of Imam Mahdi (AS).

Let us pray to Allah-The Almighty to include all of us among that blessed group who have been promised Divine help and salvation for their faith and unshackling determination in the way of fighting against the oppressors and establishing truthful rule all over the world.

* By: Nayyereh Towhidi

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