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Regular Dua'a /A'amal for Rajab

Regular Dua'a /A'amal for Rajab

1- The Prophet (saw) is reported as saying Allah will be merciful & forgive the one who recites following dua 100 times & immediately gives alms Astaghfirullaha alladhy la ilaha illa huwa wahdahu la sharika lahu wa atubu ilayhi." (I ask the forgiveness of Allah. There is no god save HIM alone without having any partner. And I repent before HIM.)

2- One hundred thousand rewards will be given to one who recites 1000 times "La ilaha illa allahu ". (There is no God save Allah)

3- Repeat Astaghfirullaha wa atubu ilayhi (I ask forgiveness of Allah & I repent to Him) ,70 times in the morning & 70 times in the evening then raise your hands & say "allahuma aghfir li wa tub'alayya" (O Allah forgive me & accept my repentance.)

4- Repeat as many times Astaghfirulaha wa as aluhut tawba (I ask Allah for forgiveness and I pray to HIM to accept my repentance)

5- It is recommended to seek forgiveness saying 1000 times "Astaghfiru allaha dhaljalali wal ikrami min jami i aldhunubi wa ithmi"

(I ask Allah the Lord of majesty & honor to forgive all my sins & offences)

6- Great rewards are mentioned for reciting Sura Tawhid (Ch112) 100 times, especially on friday. Also to recite Sura Tawhid 100 times in one night is like fasting for 100 yrs

7- A person who fasts on 3 days in this month Thursday, Friday & Saturday will be awarded with reward of 100 yrs of worship

8- Repeat the foll 3 times each morning & evening for forgiveness:
i) Sura Fatihah
ii) Ayatul Kursi
iii) Sura Kafirun
iv) Sura Tawhid
v) Sura Falaq
vi) Sura Naas
vii) Say 'Subhanallahi walhumdulillahi wa la illa ha illa allahu wallahu akbar wa la hawla wala quwata illa billahi al'aliyul azimi

All glory be to Allah; all praise be to Allah;there is no god save Allah; Allah is the Greatest; and there is no might and no strength save with Allah, the All-high the All-great.

viii) Allhumma salli al muhammadin wa aali muhammadin'

ix) Allah please forgive the believing men & women. Astaghfirulaha wa atubuali

9- A two Rak`at salat each night: ie 30days x2 units ,Surah al-Fatiha 1 once followed by Surah al-Kafirun 3 three times and then Surah al-Ikhlas 1 one time and then after the salaat is finished, lift your hands up and say:-

There is no creature or entity worthy of worship except for Allah, the One who has no partners. To Him belong the Dominion and to Him is all Praise, He gives live a the Dominion and to Him is all Praise, He gives live and He causes to die and he is the Everliving and will never die. and He causes to die and he is the Everliving and will never die. In His hands is all goodness and He has power over all things and to Him return all things and there is no strength or power except with Allah, the High, the Grand. O’ Allah! Send your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Prophet, the Unlettered.”

10- Recite Yaa Man Arjoho Le Kulle Khair

11- Dua 1

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O' One Who has command over the fulfillment of the desires of those who beg. He knows what is in the hearts of those who remain quiet. Every question is heard by You and for it answer is provided. O' Allah Your promises are so true, Your blessings so abundant, and your Mercy so encompassing. So I beg You to send Your blessings on Mohammad and the Progeny of Mohammed and fulfill all my desires of this world and the world to come. Verily You has potence over all things. O' Allah! Send Your Blessing on Mohammad and his Progeny.

12- In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O' Allah! Who disgraces the conceited and empowers the faithful. You are my place of refuge when various paths face me. You are my Creator, having created me as a blessing on me though You were not in need of me as a creation. But for Your favour I would have been of the ruined ones.

You are my reliable support against my enemies but for Your help I would have been of the disgraced ones.

O' the Senderof Mercy from its Sources and the Showerer of the blessings from the depository. O' who distinguished His 'self' with grandeur and dignity. His friends get strength with His strength.

O' before whom the Kings have put the yoke of humiliation under their necks for they fear His Might.

I ask you for the sake of the personality derived from Your Grandeur. And I ask you in the name of Your Grandeur derived from Your Might. And I ask You in the name of Your Might with which You did (Your self) established Yourself on Your Heavenly Throne (Arsh) and created the Creations, so that the whole creation of Yours is therefore obedient to You, that You bestow Your blessings On Mohammad and his progeny.

O' Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.

13- In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O` Allah! I ask from You forbearance of the grateful and (practice of) actions of the fearful of You and Conviction of the devotees to Your worship.

O` Allah! Lofty and Grand you are and I am Your bondman, unlucky and indigent and You are self-sufficient and praise-worthy I am Your worthless bondman.

O` Allah! Bestow Your blessings on Mohammad and his progeny and favour me in my ignorance and with Your might in my weakness O` the and Mighty.

O` Allah I Bless Mohammad and the successors from his Progeny and be You sufficient for me in my worries about the Worldly affairs and those of the Hereafter O` the Most Merciful.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Muhammad and his Progeny, Ameen.

14- In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

O` Allah I ask You in the name of two grand personalities born in month of Rajab-Mohammad the second of Ali and his son Ali ibne Mohammad.

I seek Your best nearness through both of them. O from Whom good is sought and from Him is asked what He has.

I ask You like a Sinner Confessing his sins which have completely covered him and whose unsound character has bound him down. His bad habits and vices have therefore become protracted. He seeks from You, pardon, a good return to You, forgiveness of his Sins, protection from hell fire and amnesty of his misdeeds for You are O` my Lord! his great hope and worthy of confidence.

O` Allah! I ask You in the name of Your noble affairs and lofty resources to cover me in this year with Your vast Mercy and with Your well-spread bounties and grant me a convincing soul till my descent into the grave and its final destination, where it shall meet its fate.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.


It has been said that if keeping fast in this month is difficult one should give on Dirham or one Mund Wheat or Barley as Sadeqa. In one tradition one loaf of bread has been recommended. If one is unable to keep fast and is also poor enough that he cannot even give prescribed Sadeqa then he should recite the following 100 times daily through the month of Rajab.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Glory be to Allah the Grand. Glory which befits none but Him. Glory to the most Mighty, the Most Bountiful. Glory to Him Who reserved the power for Himself and which He deserves.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.

16- Dua'a by Imam Sajjad (a.s) & Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) | Rajab Duas from Sahifa Mehdi(atfs):-No1 / No2 / No3

17- Sayyid Ibn Tawus has also reported from the Holy Prophet (a.s) that if one offers a four-Rak`ah prayer on Friday in Rajab between the obligatory Zuhr and `Asr Prayers in each Rak`ah of which the Surah of al-Fatihah is recited once and the Ayat al-Kursiy is repeated seven times and the Surah of al-Tawhid is repeated five times and then the following invocation is repeated ten times—if one offers this prayer, Almighty Allah will decide for him, from the day on which this prayer is offered up to the day of his death, one Thousand rewards a day, and will give him a city built with ruby in Paradise for each verse (of the Holy Quran) that he recites, and will give him a palace built with white pearls in Paradise for each letter that he recites from the Holy Qur'an, and will give him in marriage the Women of Paradise, and will be satisfied with him completely, and will include him with the (true) worshippers, and will seal his life with happiness and forgiveness... etc. The invocation is as follows:

I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I pray Him for accepting of my repentance.

Fourth: Shaykh al-Tusi has also mentioned that the following supplication is recited each day in Rajab:

O Allah: the Lord of the complete favors,

the utter bounties,

the immense mercy,

the all-embracing power,

the vast graces,

the great bestowals,

the nice gifts,

and the abundant donations.

O He Who is not resembled to anything,

and is not likened to any match,

and is not overcome by any supporter.

O He Who has created and then granted sustenance;

and has inspired to understand and then made speech;

and has made and then enacted laws;

and has risen high and then elevated;

and has estimated so perfectly;

and has shaped so excellently;

and has provided arguments so conclusively;

and has bestowed so completely;

and has granted so abundantly;

and has conferred so favorably.

O He Who has elevated so honorably that all sights have missed Him;

and has approached so gently that He has passed all apprehensions.

O He Who has possessed so incomparably that no peer can ever be found for Him in the domination of His power,

and has been so unique in bounties and pride that nothing can oppose Him in the omnipotence of His situation.

O He, the pride of Whose dignity has perplexed even the finest allusions,

and Whose greatness cannot be recognized by even the twinkling of the people’s sights.

O before Whose dignity all faces have humbled themselves,

and to Whose greatness all necks submitted;

and Whom is fear by all hearts.

I pray You in the name of this piece of praise that none deserves save You,

and in the name of that which You have made incumbent upon Yourself for the believers who pray You,

and in the name of Your guaranteeing response for those who supplicate to You;

O the best hearer of all those who can hear;

O the best seer of all those who can see;

O the swiftest in calling to account;

O the Lord of Power, the Strong;

(please do) bless Muhammad, the seal of the Prophets, and his Household

and grant us a portion of the best of that which You decide in this month;

and choose for me the best act that You decide;

and seal for me with happiness;

and adorn my whole life with abundant wealth;

and grasp my soul with happiness and forgiveness of my sins;

and be my Redeemer as regards the Interrogation of the Grave;

and protect me against Munkar and Naker;

and let my eyes see Mubashshir and Basher;

and make the end of my march towards Your pleasure and Paradises

and decide for me delightful living and big kingdom;

and bless Muhammad and his Household very much.

This supplication is also advisably recited at Masjid ¯Sasaah.

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