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The Wisdom of Imam Mohammad al-Jawad(AS) from Childhood

From his early childhood al-Imam al-Jawad had a special relationship with Allah, and in his position as Imam he answered the religious problems of the people, guided them and led them. Great scholars would come to him and ask the solutions to the most difficult problems, and the Imam would answer their queries with ease.

Those of the people who were ignorant of the Imams special position before Allah were amazed at his know ledge. They would assume the Imam to be just. like any other child, and would say:

How can such a young lad have. gained such knowledge? How is it that his knowledge is superior to the knowledge. Of all these great scholars?" These people did not realize that the Imam had not gained his knowledge in the ordinary way but that it was given to him specially by Allah.

They did not realize that Allah grants a special connection with Him to whoever He pleases, young or old, and makes that person the most learned of all mankind. Al-'Imam al-Jawad was endowed with all the best human qualities while still a child.

For this reason the people called him al-"Taqi" which means pious, and al-Jawad" which means generous and merciful He was aware and enlightened and strove to enlighten others. For this reason, Allah blessed him Al-Imam al-Jawad lived during the time of the cruel Abbasid tyrant, al-Mutasim, who realized that if al-Imam al-Jawad succeeded in awakening the people they might turn against him and put an end to his power.

He was afraid of this and was terrified by the Imam's charisma and popularity. He summoned the Imam from his home in Madinah to Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Empire, and after a few months he had the Imam martyred through poison. At the time of his martyrdom al-'Imam al-Jawad was just 25 years old. The Imam's sacred body was buried alongside that of his grandfather al-'Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS).

on the outskirts of Baghdad, at a place today known as Kazimayn. Eternal peace be upon him.

A Letter to a Governor

One of al-Imam al-Jawad's companion's reports: I performed the Hajj with al-'Imam al-Jawad (AS), and when the Hajj was over I went to see the Imam to say my farewell. Before I left I said to the Imam:

"The government has levied a very heavy tax upon me and I am unable to pay it. Please, will you write a letter to the governor of our city, and recommend him to act leniently towards me".

Imam replied that he did not know the governor, and could not therefore write and advise him. But he is one of your friends and followers. If you write to him he will definitely accept your counsel." Al-Imam al-Jawad picked up a pen and wrote:

"In the name of Allah, the Merciful and the compassion ate. Peace be with you and with all Allah's righteous servants. O governor! Power and authority are trusts from Allah which He has invested in you for you to serve the people.

You must use this power to help your brothers in religion. The only things that remain with you are good deeds and the help which you grant to your brothers, the Muslims. Know that on the Day of Resurrection Allah will review all your deeds and not the slightest action will be hidden from Him yours Muhammad ibn Ali Al-Jawad I took the letter, made my final farewells and set off for my city. When I arrived, news of the letter I was carrying had already reached the governor.

He came to meet me and I gave him the letter. He took it respectfully, kissed it, and then he opened it. After reading it he inquired about my occupation, and just as I had wanted he behaved kindly and leniently towards me.

In fact, from that moment on, he behaved justly and kindly with all the people.

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