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Ziyaraat Imam Ali (short Version) on Sunday

Ziyaraat Imam Ali (short Version) on Sunday

The is a ziyaraat of Imam Ali (as) is recommended to be read on Sunday.

Peace be on the Tree (inseparably tied up with) of prophethood, tall and strong trunk (mainstay) of "Bani Hashim"(the family) pregnant and fertile with prophethood, refined and blossomed with Imamat:(on account of) you being the colleague of Adam and Nooh, peace be on them both.

Peace be on you, and your pure and pious children.

Peace be on you, and on the Angels who stand (around you) at your beck and call, and, ever alert, move about near your resting place.

O Mawlaa!O Ameer Al Momineen! Today is Sunday, your day, refers to you, and I, in its hours, take refuge with you, seek your nearness,

therefore make me feel at home. O Mawlaa! take me in under your shelter because you are very kind, love to be hospitable, chosen and assigned to give asylum and refuge,

therefore do that for which I have come unto you in this hour, and have turned to you, in the name and for the sake of your belief, and your children"s belief, in Allah, and the status He has assigned to you (all),

for the sake of your brother (cousin), the Messenger of Allah, blessings of Allah be on him and on his children and peace be on them all.

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