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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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The Just Leader of Humanity

Oh troubled, soul does not dispair! he’s watching! watching! it has already begun

the time is soon, but they cannot see, he’s watching! watching! oh humanity.

have you noticed it’s quiet? too quiet! have you not wondered why? stillness surrounds, soon the heavens will speak! ‘i stand for justice, the oppressed, and weak’.

don't be fooled oh soul, the time is here, the breathe of death, the breathe of fear, also the breathe of justice shall appear!

dajjal has risen, with his ugly deeds, muslims are following his worldly greeds, blind to the hour that’s near, believeing the words they hear!

the final war has already begun, it’s hidden from you! but it has come!

it’s quiet too quiet can you not see? He’s watching oh humanity.

they walk with you but you cannot see, they whisper words of purity, i weep to think that you do not know? oh mankind ask those who know! the whisper’s whisper, the war has begun, i’v seen the death and destruction to come!

oh won’t you listen to my plea? he’s watching! Watching! Oh humanity.

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