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Preparing for supporting Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation)

Occasion: the Anniversary of Imam Mahdi's Birth

It was mentioned in ziyarate Al-Yasin that the believer visitor addresses the imam (May God hasten his honorable revelation) of his era by saying the following: "And my help is intended for you"; hence, how can we be honest while saying this speech?

The family of the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) had mentioned many titles that the believer should accomplish while preparing for the support of Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation), such as:

Sincerity for God Almighty:

While speaking about the waiters for Imam Mahdi to reappear, Imam Al-Jawad (A.S.) says: "…The sincere ones wait his appearance…"; hence, the sincerity is a very important thing for the member to be perfect, and it helps in the deduction of the secret aid and the divine victory for the nation.

The Combative Readiness

It was related to Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) the following: "Every one should prepare at least a sword for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, since if God Almighty knew that this is his intention, I hope that He will prolong his life till he aid him and be one of his supporters and helpers".

Steadiness in the Attitude

The family of the prophet (peace be upon them) talked about the trial that the companions of the Imam Mahdi are being afflicted with, and imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) says about this: "The companions of Talout had been trailed with the river… and Imam Mahdi's companions will be trailed with such thing".

In fact, steadiness in the attitude, needs a spiritual and mental preparation in order to be able to withstand and to be stable in front of the trail, and hence by this, the person will be one of the Imam's companions who were described as the ones whose hearts are steady; as Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) describes them by the following: "The heart of a man among them is stronger than the pieces of iron, even if they passed by the mountains, they will pluck it out, and they don't desist from it till God Almighty be pleased with them".

The Assume of the Authority of the Muslims the ruling during the Imam's absence and being acquitted from his enemies

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) hints in one of the narrations to the perceptive ones who are awar to Imam's reappearence, and he specializes a group of them who didn't assume the oppressors during his absence as if it didn't live the situation of the political gap from the side of being loyal to the leadership, but it was assuming the authority of the Muslims during Imam's absence and be acquitted from his enemies. The Messneger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) says while praising those: "blesses be for those who realize the Qai'm of my family, and who are on his pattern even before he reappears, in which they entrust with the leader who represents him during his absence, and be acquitted from his enemies".

The Master of the time (May God hasten his honorable revelation) specified the leader who represents him during his absence through the correspondence that was mentioned about him which deals with the following: "With respect to the cases that happens, you can refer to the narrators of our hadith (he means the authority of the Muslims) because they are my proof and I 'am God's proof".

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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