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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Iftaar: (Breaking of Fast)

Iftaar (Breaking of Fast) after Ishaa prayer is highly desirable, preferably with water, milk or dates.

At the time of Iftaar:

1- Recite the following dua'a":

i- "O my Allah, for Thee, I fast, and with the food Thou gives me I break the fast, and I rely on Thee."

ii- "In the name of Allah, O Allah, we fast, and with the food Thou give us we break the fast, an obligation we fulfill, and Thou art Hearer, Knower."

iii- While taking the first mouthful recite:

"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, O He whose indulgence is boundless, forgive me."

2- Recite Soorah al Qadr.

3- Give alms in the name of Allah.

Every Night Do the Following Aa'-maal;

1- Recite Soorah al Qadr 1000 times.

2- Recite Soorah al Dukhaan 100 times.

3- Recite:

"O Allah, the Lord, (this is) the month of Ramadhan, in it Thou revealed the Holy Quran, and in it made obligatory "fasting" upon Thy servants, send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and provide us with the means to go to Thy Sacred House for "Hajj" this year and every year; and in this month forgive my grave sins, verily, other than Thee, no one can liberate (me) from its consequences, O Beneficient O Omniscient."

4- Recite DUA'A IFTITAAH every night.

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