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Al-Aqsa Intifada

The first Intifada, characterized as it was by its popular support and non-violent nature, served a critical purpose in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Similarly, Al -Aqsa Intifada, characterized somewhat differently, is also a vital component in the struggle, sending a clear message that surrender and subordination are unacceptable as a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The role of the media in altering reality during both Intifadas has served to mask the primary purpose of Intifada, namely, the struggle toward freedom from Israeli occupation.

The Zionist-controlled media does its best to conceal the true nature of the Palestinian resistance. For example, German TV, the BBC, and Euronews broadcast the news about the attack on a military convoy escorting settlers in Gaza by stating: "Palestinian gunmen shot at an Israeli bus, killing three, among them a woman." No one bothered to mention the fact that it was a military convoy escorting settlers in Gaza.

The Israeli government has concentrated its efforts, together with the US government, to systematically eliminate any effective Palestinian presence in Palestine. Since Israel failed to eliminate the Palestinians as major players in the "peace process," the Palestinians were given a minor (basically insignificant) role that would be easy to manipulate. Israel's intentions and policies since 1948 were not changed by the handshake of Rabin and Arafat. Noam Chomsky writes that in 1948, the Israeli government Arabists had an internal discussion while ethnic cleansing was under way. Their expectation was that the refugees would be crushed and die, while the rest would turn into human dust and the waste of society and join the impoverished classes in other Arab countries.

As documented by various human rights' organizations, and most recently by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Israel's response to the Palestinian resistance is vastly disproportionate. What these organizations fail to realize, however, is that Israel's.

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