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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

News Categories » Sahifa of Imam Al-Mahdi » Chapter 2

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Supplication for the advent of the Present Imam (a.t.f.s.) in the qunoot of each prayer

O, my Allah, toward You and in Your direction: eyes gaze, steps advance, palms and hands are lifted, necks stretch. And you are called with tongue. Their covert and overt deeds are toward You and in Your direction. O, our Master and Lord: take a winning decision for us between our people, and us, and open the winning doors to us, because You are the best of the Winners

O, my Allah, we complain to you from: the absence of our profit, small number of our friends, large number of our enemies, the demonstration of our enemies against us, and different troubles and problems that afflicted us. So, remove all these and open the doors of victory for us O, my Allah, with the clear and above anything Justice , and the righteous Imam that you know him, You the righteous creator, Amen, You Master and Lord of the world and universe.

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