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Looking after the Believers

One of the characteristics of the Islamic society and its merits is the emotional response and the brotherhood feelings that are been exchanged between its members. This had made them as if they are a structure joined firmly, or as a single body, whenever a part was hurt, all the parts will be hurt as well.

In fact, the real Muslim can't overlook about looking after his society's issues, caring for his public interests, and wished to let it be developed and flourished. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) said concerning this: "He who wakes up every day, and doesn't look for the Muslim's issue, is not considered to be a Muslim", "He who sleeps at night, and his neighbor is hungry, without helping him or supplying him with food, will not be one of my believers".

The honor of the believer is so important; hence we should support him, for this. The messenger of Allah and his household (peace be upon them) urged to honor the believer, respect him, and care for him from all the sides, the moral and the material one. If the Muslims do this, honestly speaking, they will be the happiest people among the nations; their life will be too much better, and the loftier ones.

The Prophets and imams ordered us in their testaments to:

a- Feeding and watering him:

Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (A.S.) said: "He who feeds a hungry believer, God almighty will feed him from the heaven's fruits; and he who waters a believer, God Almighty will water him from the "Sealed Nectar"".

Imam Abi Abd Allah (A.S.) stated: "he who waters a believer from where he is able, God Almighty will give him in every drop of water, a 70 thousands handout; and if he waters him even if he is not able to buy the water, he will be as if he is liberating 10 heads of Ismail sons".

b- Dressing the believer:

Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) said: "The one who dresses his brother whether in summer or winter, and protects him from the coldness of the winter, or from the warmness of summer, then God Almighty will dress him from the heaven's clothes, as well as let the agony of death be easy for him, and broaden his tomb, and when meeting the angels, he will be glad". This is stated in the Holy Quran: "They will not be grieved by the greatest terror, and the angels will meet them, [saying], This is your Day which you have been promised﴿ (Al-Anbeyaa: 103).

He (A.S.) adds to say: "The one who dresses one of the poor Muslims a cloth, or helps him in finding his food, God will authorize for him 7 thousand angel asking God to forgive him for all the sins that he had done till the day of resurrection".

c- Fulfilling the needs of the believer:

About Al-Mofdel about Abi Abd Abd Allah (A.S.) said: he told me: "O Mofdel, hear what I am telling you, and be sure that this is the right, "He who fulfills a need for his brother, in the day of resurrection, God Almighty will fulfill for him 100 thousands need, among which is being in the heaven with his relatives and brothers who are not swindlers".

d- Delighting the believer:

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) said: "The most lovely thing to God Almighty, is to make the believers happy".

He (peace be upon him and his household) adds saying: "All the creatures are God's family, the most lovely people to God are those who help the others, and let them be happy".

Besides, it was related to Abi Ezza the following: once I heard Abi Abed Allah (A.S.) saying: "The person who paid a visit to his brother for the sake of Allah, whether he was sick or in a good health, without swindling him, God will authorize for him 70 thousand angels, telling him: congratulations, you will be in the heaven, you are God's visitors till you return back to your homes".

In addition to the aforementioned, Imam (A.S.) says: "The visitors of God Almighty are two: the first is the one who went to do Hajj and Omra, then he is the God's visitor till he return back to his home, and another one who is praying, he is considered under the protection of God, till he finishes. In addition, the person who visited his believer brother for the sake of Allah, he is considered a visitor to God as well".

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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