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Making the Heart Be Present in Praying
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Making the Heart Be Present in Praying

Many people are afflicted with not being able to make their hearts be present in praying, despite of the great importance of this. Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) say concerning this the following: "When you want to pray, do your best to let your heart be present in praying, since if this happened, then God Almighty will come to you, in other words, God will accept it from you, and fulfill all your needs; but if you didn't, then He won't as well. Your prayers will be accepted in accordance to the way you perform it, maybe on third, quartan, or one sixth of it. Hence, God doesn't reward the one who will be inattentive".

Imam Al-Khomeini (May his secret be sacred), due to the seriousness and importance of this issue, dedicated in his book The Forty Discourses a special study for the things that make the heart present in the worship.

Sacred Imam Al-Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) said, "What is more important than dedicating the time for praying is dedicating the heart. Even more, the dedication of the time is an introduction to that of the heart: When man is preoccupied with worship, he frees his soul from the worries and the occupations of this life, rescues his heart from the dispersed illusions and the various issues, and dedicates his heart once and completely to turn towards worshipping and intimately talking to the Most High Truth. If the person does not empty his heart from all the preoccupations, his praying and worship will not be dedicated."

Making the Heart Realize the Importance of Praying

In addition to what was mentioned by Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred), we add to mention few things that can help in letting the heart be present in praying, as follows:

- The Greatest Prophet (God's prayers bestowed upon him and his Household) said, "Be mostly preoccupied with praying, for it is the head of Islam next to believing in it as a religion."

- Also, Imam Al-Sadik (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "When man gets knowledge, nothing will be to him equivalent to praying."

- In addition, Imam Al-Sadik (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "The loveliest deed according to The Most Glorious and Reverent God is praying; it is as well the last commandment of the Prophets (God's peace bestowed upon them)."

Praying has this prestige due to what is related about its reward and consequences.

- Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "If the prayer knows the magnificence of God that wraps him up, he will never like to raise his head from prostrating."

- Imam Al-Sadik (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "The prayer is endowed with three peculiarities:

1- When he stands to pray, reverence is bestowed upon him from the sky to the parting of the hair of his head.

2- Also, the angels surround him from under his feet to the sky.

3- And an angel calls him, 'O Prayer, had you known whom you are intimately talking to, you would not have twisted your head.'

"Yet our misery lies in the fact that we keep our dispersed ideas and our various illusions till the time of praying. For praying let you be in contact with the lover, so how come we can give priority over it. When you perform your prayers at the beginning of its time, then it will be raised with that of the Master of the Time, Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation), this has a very great reward as was said by some of the scholars: "The angels raise the prayers of the one who performs his prayers at the beginning of its time with the prayers of Imam Mahdi and saints, so sure God will not refuse accepting it, because it will be attached with that of Imam Mahdi, hence they become one".

It was related to the prophets and imams the great reward of performing the praying at the beginning of its specific time.

Imam Al-Rida (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "Every worshipper who takes care of the specific times of praying and the positions of the sun is granted the security of his soul at death, the cease of worries and griefs, and salvation from Hell." Imam Al-Rida (God's peace bestowed upon him) said also, "Every bow in the praying at the beginning of its specific time is equal to a thousand bows."

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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