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Imam Al-Sadiq's Commandments

The Martyrdom of Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.)

We offer our deepest condolences to The Master of This Time Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation), the Muslims' Authority during the absence of Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation) Imam Ali Al-Khaminaei (May God lengthen his presence among us), and all the Muslims in particular the resistants for the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (A.S.) on the twenty-fifth of Shawwal of the year 148 A.H. due to a toxin that was foisted by the laborer of Al-Mansour Al-Abbasy whose name is "Mohammad Bin Solayman".

Imam Abo Abed Allah Jaafar Bin Mohammad Al-Sadiq (A.S.) is the sixth Imam of the household of the prophet (peace be upon them all), whom God Almighty ordered us to obey them, go after them, and work by their sayings and commandements.

From a Recommendation by Imam Al-Sadiq (God's peace bestowed upon him) to His Son Imam Musa ibn Jaafar Al-Kathem (God's peace bestowed upon him):

"O son, admit my recommendation and memorize my words since if you memorize them, you will live happily and die safely."

"O son, he who is content with what is destined for him feels sufficed, and he who desires what is in the possession of another man dies poor. He who is not content with what The Most Glorious and Reverent God destined for him then accuses God of injustice in His destiny. He who deems his own error to be little deems the others' error to be great, and he who deems the others' error to be little deems his own to be great."

"O son, he who brings to light what is veiled by others has God revealing the defects of his own house. He who raises the sword with the intention of oppression is killed by his own sword. He who digs a hole for his brother has himself falling in it. He who mingles with the indecent is disgraced and with the savants is elevated. And he who puts himself in bad situations is to be accused with bad things."

"O son, never belittle the men; otherwise, you will be belittled. Never interfere with what is not of your business; otherwise, you will be disgraced."

"O son, say the truth whether it is for you or against you: This will make you be esteemed highly among your peers."

"O son, be a reader of The Book of God, a spreader of peace, an orderer of what is good, a forbidder of what is abominated, a keeper of connection with who disconnects you, a starter of talk with whom stops talking, and a giver for who asks you. Stay away of slander, for it plants enmity in the hearts of men. Never expose the defects of people: He who exposes the defects of the others is void of any good."

"O son, when you visit, visit the good not the dissolute, for they [the dissolute] are a rock whose water does not flow out, a tree whose leaves do not turn green, and a land whose grass does not come out."

Imam Ali ibn Musa Al-Rida (God's peace bestowed upon him) said, "My father did not abandon this recommendation till he passed away."

Another will for Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) to one of his companions Homran ben Ayoun:

"Look at people whose abilities are less than yours and not at people with greater abilities than you. That will make you be satisfied with what God predestinated. Moreover, it is enhanced to ask God the great and Almighty for more. At the same time, you have to be sure that God prefers the person who works a little with honest spirit more than the one who works hard with no honesty. I want to you to know that devoutness is better than avoiding God's taboo. Don't hurt and calumniate the believers. There is nothing superior than spending your life time with healthy morphology. Besides, money is not beneficial as being satisfied with insignificant things and wondering why God had predestinated insignificant things is due to misbelieving."

Zayd al- Shahhaifl said: Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (A.S.) told me: "Send my greetings to those of you who obey me and act according to my words.

"I advise you to fear Allah, the Great and Almighty, to cleave to piety in your religion, to make every effort for Allah, to be truthful in your talks, to give the trusts, to perform long adoration, and to treat your neighbors kindly, for Mohammed, may Allah bless him and his family, came to put these manners into effect.

Give the trust to he who entrusts you with them whether he is righteous or mischievous, for Allah’s Apostle ordered (the Muslims) to pay the piece of thread and the needle, keep close relations with tribes, attend their escorting of their deceased, visit their ill ones, give them their rights, for if the person of you becomes pious in his religion, is truthful in his talks, gives the trust, and his manners are good, (people) will say: This is the education of Ja’far. This pleases me.

Otherwise, people will say: This is the education of Ja’far. In this case, the tribulation and the disgrace are attributed to me. By Allah, my father told me that a follower of ‘All, peace be on him, was in a certain tribe. There, he was the best one: He gave tlia trust, and gave the rights. He was the most truthful one in talks. So, he was the shelter of their wills and trusts. The tribe asked about him and said: Who is like him? He is the most honest of us in giving the trust; and the most truthful of us in talking."

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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