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Some of Al-Ghadir Dimensions

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Eid Al-Ghadir

Congratulations to Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance), to the supreme leader of the Muslims Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (may God keep him) and to all faithful especially the strugglers in the occasion of the great warship Eid, Al-Ghadir Eid.

Al-Imam Al-Khamenei talked about Al-Ghadir dimensions saying: "The human can take a look at the fact of Al-Ghadir through its various dimensions benefiting from it intellectually and morally."

The First Dimension

Is the origin subject of ward ship (jurisdiction), which is an extension for prophecy... since prophecy is the inform of the divine call for human beings, and the divine will is going to be achieved by Allah's chosen and envoy person in a certain period of time. And obviously it is going to end, (surely you shall die and they (too) shall surely die.) But this divine and spirit incident isn't broken by the prophet (peace be upon him) death, but aspects are left for the incident:

One of them is: the divine competence, the religion governance and the divine will among the human beings.... prophets didn't come to preach people only, but all prophets were sent to build a community based on the divine values, that influence the reality of people's life. This dimension in the prophet's life is an essential one... the prophet (peace be upon him) through this dimension has become a manifestation of governance and ward ship divine among people... and this is an extended dimension to know that religion can't leave its impact in a moment of time or in a historical period, unless with the existence of the leadership, governance and power in it.

Second: this governance can't be broken but it extends after the prophet's death. Governorship can't be free of the prophet's moral dimensions. It is true that the prophet has a great and exceptional prestigious, is measured by no one. The preservation of the values that are presented within the prophet's sacred existence should be an extension to his existence, and that thing didn't materialize and take a shape only in the sacred presence of Al-Imam Ali (A.S.).

The third dimension is:
Al-Imam Ali's personality

The fourth dimension is: the prophet's interest in issues after his death.

Reference to Al-Ghadir

Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keeps him) says: "Al-Ghadir incident is a fact that has occurred and it has a concept that is understood by some people and misunderstood by others, and all Shiite should pay attention to two things in this issue:

The first: the belief in Al-Ghadir, in ward ship and in leadership shouldn't be a cause of disagreement and division among Muslims, because the enemies of Islam seek to exploit the minor issues that is specific to each Islamic division and group to sow discord among Muslims, so what about a great and an important issue, Al-Ghadir incident.

The second: we recommend all the Islamic groups not to forget their origins, at the same time we assure the Shiite to rely and depend on Al-Ghadir thought since it is a developed and a glorified thought.

At last, some people imagine that they can be Muslims without working by the Islamic provisions and that means separating of religion from politics... So how can we imagine Muslim people who understand that Islam is only praying, fasting, purity and impurity. Whereas, the affairs of Islam such as, the management of the main system in life, the economic issues and the social, cultural and educational relations are all non-Muslims. But issued by non-Muslim laws, or by individual and non-Muslim desires; so Islam must govern in Muslim societies."

At the end, all priase is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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