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The Standards' Shifting
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The Standards' Shifting

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Occasion: Ashura Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.)

May Allah double up our rewards on account of our sorrow for the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.).

Benefiting from Ashura occurrence, Imam Khamenei (God keep him) says: Two factors are basis of the general going astray and deviation, one of them is keeping off praising God which is revealed by praying, worshipping, and this also means neglecting God and morals. And separating the divine accounts from life; the other factor is going after the appetites and the pleasures or in other word loving the life… And being a prey for the worldly appetites and considering it a basis and a principle, and forgetting the real goals and this is really an essential and dangerous disease".

Sayyid Ali (God keep him) adds saying: "When the standard is God and God-fearingness and taking away from the world for the sake of God, then the one who will be found in the field are the members who find these standards and they control every thing, but when the divine standards shift, the one who is desirous to the world and doesn't follow his appetite and the personal benefits, and he will be away from honest and reality, is the one who assume the matters; at that time, the result will be an issue such as Omar Bin Saed, Al-Shimer and Obayed Allah Bin Zeyad Omarae, and the going of Imam Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) as an example to the slaughterhouse and be martyred in Karbalaa and this is logical issue".

On the other side, the Leader says about the standards' shift the following: "The desirous ones shouldn't permit the shift of the standards in the society, in which if the God-fearingness standard was shifted in the society, so it is undoubtedly that the blood of a pious one as Imam Al-Hussein Bin Ali will be shed, even if the slyness and the plunge in the worldly concerns and tumbling the others, and not caring for the Islamic values, were considered an angel in the preference, hence Zayed should be on the top of the government and the departure Obayed Allah should be the first in Al-Iraq".

With respect to the relation of the Islamic revolution with Ashura, Sayyid Ali (God keep him) says making relation with the history and the present: "The Islam care was changing these standards, and the most care of our revolution was to face these materialistic, national and wrong standards and change it. But nowadays, we are seeing that charlatanism, power, and following the appetites are the things that are spread, and the preferring of the materialistic values over the moral values. For centuries, morals were going toward weakness and decline, in which the arrogant ones seek to eliminate the moral. Besides, the powerful ones and the adorers of money and the rich ones weaved a materialistic regime leaded by a great power such as America which is the most charlatanism and cunning one and the least one which respects the humanitarian virtues and give mercy to the people. Hence, the Islamic revolution means the revival of the Islam and renewing the principle of surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty)﴿ and the Islamic revolution was established in order to destroy this wrong worldly arrangement and establish in place of it a new arrangement. If the worldly arrangement was materialistic, then there is no doubt that perverse persons will come and the ones who follow their appetites and they are errant and scoundrels… Then, a person like Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) should be in the jail and in the exile…"

Furthermore, Imam adds saying: "If you preserved these values, then the Imamate regime will stay, and after that, persons such as Imam Hussein Bin Ali (A.S.) will not be taken to slaughterhouse and be martyred".

In addition, Imam Khamenei (God keep him) considers: "As a conclusion for Al-Imam Al-Hussein's revolution is that one day, Imam was living under the domination of the oppression and tyranny, and no one was daring to say the truth… But Imam Al-Hussein (A.S.) confronted all these oppression… Suppose that when Al-Imam (A.S.) said at the tenth night for his companions that there is no right for you, then all had gone… Shall Imam Hussein retreat? Or shall he fight and confront them? And a person appeared in our era and said: If I was alone and all the world face me, I will not retreat on what I am doing, and was honest in what he had said, in which really he didn't retreat, Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah﴿, hence did you see what a man who grew up in Imam Hussein's school did, so if we were in Ashura school, the world will be better, all the problems will be solved, and the world will pave the way for Al-Imam Al-Mahdi to appear".

Eventually, all appraise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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