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Revolution of the Adorers
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Revolution of the Adorers

Occasion: Ashouraa

May Allah remunerate us for being sad for the martyrdom of our Imam Al-Hussein (a.s). May Allah render us part of those who seek his vengeance side by side with our ever present holy Imam Al-Mahdi, member of the prophet’s household (peace be upon him).

The commander of faithful (a.s) was quoted describing the martyrs of Karbalaa and predicting their stature. He said, "The death of unrivalled sacrificing adorers; not any who were before them can precede them, and those who are after them can't follow them."

These martyrs’ love to God was prominent on the night that preceded day ten of Muharram. On day 9, when Imam Al-Hussein (a.s) learned of the intention of the people who wanted to fight him, he deployed his brother Abbas (a.s) to ask them to delay the battle until tomorrow. He told him, "Go and try to delay them until tomorrow so that we can spent the night in prayers to our God, asking for his forgiveness, for He knows that I used to love to pray to Him, read His book, and tire myself in supplication and asking forgiveness."

These martyrs’ love to God was materialized at noon on day 10, when a man called Saeidy gazed at the sky and began looking around. Then, he approached Imam Al-Hussein (a.s) and said: "I will shield you with my body. I can see that those people are coming nearer and nearer to you. I swear by God, you will not be killed until I die first; and I wish to meet my God after I pray the prayer whose time has approached." Imam Al-Hussein (a.s) replied, "You just mentioned the prayers. May God render you part of the worshipers who engage much in God's praise."

Loving the Prophet and his Household (peace be upon them):

These martyrs’ hearts were filled with the love of the prophet (peace be upon him and his household). They were not only affectionate. Instead, they possessed a true love to someone who is dearest to them, dearer than their families and all people. This issue was told by the lord of mankind when he said, "None of you is a believer until I am dearer to him than his children, parents, and all people." Then the prophet said, "None of you is a believer until I am dearer to him than himself, and my family dearer than his family, and my household dearer than his household, and my progeny dearer than his progeny."

Based on this, a man called Saeed Bin Abdullah Al-Hanafi said to his Imam on day 10 of Muharram, "I swear to God, we will not abandon you until God realizes that we have preserved you in the absence of his messenger."

When Imam Al-Hussein (a.s) rose on day 10 of Muharram, Saeed stood in front to protect him from the flying arrows with his body, face and hands, until he was hit by thirteen arrows. He fell to the ground saying, "God send from me a message of peace to your prophet. Tell him about the pain and wounds that I received. I only wanted your reward while aiding your prophet." After that, he looked at the holy Imam (a.s) and said, "Was I loyal son of the messenger of God." He replied, "Yes, you are with me in heaven."

There is also the story of Um Wahab whose husband told her about his desire to march to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s). She told him, "You are on the right path, may God lead you and shows you the right way. Go and take me with you." And when he went to the battlefield she approached him saying: "My father and mother are you shields, fight before the good offspring of Mohammad." This woman, who loves Mohammad and his progeny, was given martyrdom in Karbalaa as she approached the body of her martyred husband to tell him: "Enjoy heaven." Then, a man called Shimr ordered his soldier to strike her head, and she died to join the caravan of the martyrs.

There is also the story of Abbas Bin Shabib Al-Shakiry who said to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s) on Ashouraa day, "No one on the surface of this earth, near or far, is dearer to me than you. If I could push harm away from you with anything dearer than myself I would have done so." After that, he approached the enemy who were scared to approach him because of his strength and courage. Hence, they stoned him from a distance. Then, he took his shield off to fight them. Imam Hussein (a.s.) tested his companions when he gave them the permission to leave him, after informing them that he will be martyred on the other day saying: "Leave me, and go all in your way, its night now, so you can go securely…", but they had proved their loyalty and fidelity when they hurried to say: "By God, no. We regret on protecting you?!! Then how can we ask God's forgiveness for not protecting you?! By God, we don't leave you, till we die with you". He died then as a martyr before Imam Al-Hussein (a.s).

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the lord of the world.

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