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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Wilayah of Faqih

Q: Who is wali-e-faqah? Is he the mujtahid followed by a person, or the ruling mujtahid? In general, what is meant by wilayah of faqih?

A: The 'absolute wil?yah' of the qualified faqih means that the true religion of Islam, which is the final heavenly religion and will last till the Day of Resurrection, is a religion of governance and administration of social affairs. Therefore, it is necessary for the Islamic society, at all strata, to have a guardian for its affairs, a ruler, and a leader who would defend the Islamic society against the enemies of Islam and Muslims. He must preserve their social system, establish justice among them, prevent the strong from victimizing the weak, and attain for them the means of cultural, political, and social development and prosperity.

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