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Wudu' For Incontinent People

Q: What should incontinent people do for their prayers?

A: In case of being incontinent, if there is a period of time in which one can maintain his wudu’ and perform prayer - even its least required obligations, one should wait for this period to observe the wudu’ and the prayer. If there is no such a period, then there are two cases:

a) the invalidator would happen only once, twice or three times during the prayer. In this case, they should perform wudu’ and start praying with water beside them. When any invalidator occurs, they perform wudu’ again without invalidating the prayer and continue with the prayer from the point where it was interrupted, if doing so does not have unbearable hardship for them.
b) the invalidator would happen frequently. In this case, it is based on the obligatory precaution to do wudu’ once for each prayer.

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