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The Holy Imam (A.S.) Face to Face with the Oppressors

The Abbasid authorities persecuted Imam Hasan al-Askari (A.S.) and put him under their control in order to paralyze his political and ideological activities and also restrain him from practising his leading role among the Ummah. Therefore, the Holy Imam (A.S.) was obliged to act secretly and built an organization of his followers, and representatives and strengthened its base. By studying historical documents, available at hands, one can clearly detect the following procedures:

1. Abu Hashim al-Ja'fari, on the authority of Dawood bin Aswad, the stoker of Abu Muhammad (a.s.), is quoted to have said:

"One day, my lord, Abu Muhammad, [i.e. Imam al-Askari (A.S.)], called me and handed to me a threshold, which seemed very heavy. He (a.s.) told me to take it to Amri. Therefore, I started out, but on the way a water carrier with a mule advanced towards me. His mule approached me on my way and the water carrier called to me to shout it back to him. Instead, I hit it with the threshold and started beating it. As a result, the board split and I looked at it and found books inside it. So, I hastened to the threshold and held it under my sleeve. The water carrier started crying, and cursing me and my owner. When I approached the house of my Lord, upon returning, the Imam's servant, Isa received me at the door and said: "My master has asked you: Why did you beat the mule and break the threshold?" I answered him: "O my master! I did not know what was in it. He (A.S.), then, said: "Why did you do an action and then apologize for it. Be careful not to repeat it, again, from now on, When you hear someone cursing us, go on your way on which you are ordered. And be aware not to answer someone who curses us or introduce yourself. Because we are in an evil land, go on your way. Your news and conditions reach us, so be aware of that."

2. On the authority of Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Balkhi, who said:

"One day in the morning, I sat on a street called "Ghanam", and it happened that Abu Muhammad (A.S.), (the Holy Imam), was coming from his house, on the way to a public inn. I said to myself: "Consider O people! This is Allah's proof on you; therefore, acknowledge him. ' When he [the Holy Imam (A.S.)] passed beside me, he gestured with his forefinger towards me to keep silent. On that night I saw him saying: 'Surely, it is either to keep silent or be killed, therefore be aware of Allah against yourself.'"

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