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Mothers, source of Security for children

Sociologists believe that a healthy personality is formed in the family under the influence of parents, especially the mother. Women make the future for the people of every society. Therefore, the formation of a woman’s character is very important.

The mother of today is the child of yesterday, who has grown up and been raised in the warm hands of her mother, who paved the way for raising another generation. Psychologists say that psychologist's sympathetic security, to love and to be loved, is what every human being seeks in her/his life. The one who possesses these characteristics can present his/her love to others as a gift.

Erich From said, "Every healthy human being should be able to love him/herself first, then sacrifice his/her love to others." What should we do if we want to get this security? When a child enters the world, he/she experiences anxiety. It is the mother’s duty to alleviate this concern.

When a child is born, the mother is considered to be the source of nutrition, life, and love. The presence of the mother makes the child feel calm and secure. So, the mother, this source of life and energy, should have a lively personality.

We should not use "love" as the only tool. For raising children, because love is a goal not a tool. For example, if our child breaks his/her toys, we should not say. "I do not love you any more." Because this would have a bad effect on the child. The child would be more worried about losing his/her mother’s love than about the broken toy.

If the child’s toy is broken again, he/she would lie bout it and not mention the broken toy. One sentence has made the child lie and hide what has happened. The mother should say, "I don’t like what you did," not "I don’t love you any more."

A child, who is worried about losing maternal love acquires bad habits and can never leave his/her mother. How can this child grows up and becomes a good independent mother or father?

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