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The Pouring Month

In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The Seal of the Prophets Mohammad (God's blessing & PBUH) had said: "God has bestowed the days of your life with bounties: Take advantage of and do not turn away from."

The Most High God elevated certain nights rather than others, like Al-Qadr Night (The Night of Decree), certain days rather than others like Friday, and certain months rather than others like the three months of light starting with Rajab. The Most High God magnified Rajab and exalted it, so He called it "The Pouring" since mercy is bestowed in it in such a manner as if being poured. It’s cited from Al Hadith, "When Rajab was in, God’s prophet (God’s prayers bestowed upon him and his Household) used to assemble the Muslims and to address them, ‘O Muslims, you are endowed with a blessed, great month; it is the pouring month during which God pours His mercy on him who worships Him excluding him who is a polytheist or a heretic.’"

It is of the sacred months dignified by The Most High God.

In addition, it is the month honored by several glorious occasions. In it, The Seal of the Prophet (God’s prayers bestowed upon him and his Household) was sent; and the honorable Kaaba witnessed the birth of The Master of the Commanders (God’s peace bestowed upon him), so Mohammad’s Household called Rajab "The Month of The Prince of the Believers" (God’s peace bestowed upon him).

To be added is that Rajab is the month of The Prince of the Believers (God’s peace bestowed upon him); it’s narrated that he used to fast in Rajab and to say, "Rajab is my month; Shaeban is the month of God’s prophet [Mohammad]; and Ramadan month is the month of The Most Glorious and Reverent God."

It is a time for prayer and supplication: The Prophet Mohammad (God's blessings and PBUH) had said: "God, be He exalted, had created in the Seventh Heaven an angel called the prayer. When Rajab month comes, that angel prays each night until the morning to God saying: Blessed be to the suppliants, blessed be to the loyalists".

God, be He exalted, says: "I am a companion of he who sits with me, I am a loyalist of he who devotes to me, I am a forgiver of he who asked My forgiveness. The month is Mine, the servant of God is Mine, the mercy is Mine. In this month, he who prays to Me, I will fulfill his prayer. He who asks Me, I will grant him. He who demands My guide, I will guide him. Also, I will make this month as a link between Me and My servants. He who resorts to this link will reach to Me".

Rajab is a month that God likes fasting in it. His Noblest Prophet (God’s prayers bestowed upon him and his Household) told us about the advantage of fasting, "Rajab is God’s pouring month to which no another month is compared in its sacredness and advantage…He who fasts a day of Rajab with belief and consideration deserves God’s greatest grace, snuffs God’s wrath, and locks before him a door of hell, so that if he is given earth-full gold, it will not be better than his fasting."

The Most High God likes the worshipper to bow abundantly in Rajab, and to recur in his/her bowing what Imam Zein Al-Abideen (God’s peace bestowed upon him) used to say, "O God, although my guilt is great, please me with your forgiveness."

May The Most High God register us among them upon whom Rajab’s bounties are bestowed and them who take advantage of these bounties.

Eventually, Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.

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