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Du'a of the 12th Imam (a.s.) for the month of Rajab
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Du'a of the 12th Imam (a.s.) for the month of Rajab

Concerning this du'a 'Allamah Jawaad al Mulki al Tabreezi (alayh rahmah) says that it is a du'a that by it many doors of knowledge are opened for those that are worthy. Shaykh al-Tusi has related that this noble writing came out of the Sacred Precinct on the hand of that great Shaykh, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Uthmaan ibn Sa'id - may God be pleased with him. Recite it on each day of the month of Rajab.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O God, I ask Thee by the meaning of all that by which Thou art called upon by those who govern with Thy authority: those who are entrusted with Thy mystery, welcome Thy command, extol Thy power, and proclaim Thy majesty.

I ask Thee by Thy will which speaks within them, for Thou hast appointed them mines for Thy words, and pillars of the profession of Thy Unity, Thy signs and Thy stations, which are never interrupted in any place. Through them knows he who knows Thee. There is no difference between Thee and them, save that they are Thy servants and Thy creation, their doing and undoing is in Thy hand, their origin is from Thee and their return is to Thee. They are aides, witnesses, testers, defenders, protectors and searchers.

With them Thou filled Thy heaven and Thy earth until it became manifest that there is no god but Thou.

So I ask Thee by (all of) that, and by the positions of Thy mercy's might and by Thy Stations and Marks that Thou bless Muhammad and His household and increase me in faith and steadfastness.

O Inward in His outwardness and Outward in His inwardness and hiddenness! O Separator of light and darkness ! O described by other than (His) Essence and well-known in other than (His) likeness! Delimitator of every delimited thing ! Witness of all that is witnessed! Bringer into existence of every existent! Counter of everything counted! Depriver of all that is deprived!

There is none worshipped but Thou, Possessor of Grandeur and Generosity! O He who is not conditioned by "how" or determined by "where"! O veiled from every eye! O Everlasting! O eternally Self-subsistent and Knower of all that is known! Bless Muhammad and his household and Thy elect servants, Thy mankind in veils, Thy angels brought nigh, and the untold multitudes (of angels) set in ranks and encircling (the Throne).

And bless us in this our venerated and honored month and the sacred months that follow it In it bestow blessings upon us copiously, make large our portions, and fulfill for us (our) oaths, by Thy most tremendous, most tremendous, greatest and noblest Name, which Thou placed upon the day, and it brightened, and upon the night, and it darkened.

And forgive us that of ourselves which Thou knowest and we know not, preserve us from sins with the best of preservations, suffice us with the sufficiencies of Thy determination, favor us with Thy fair regard, leave us not to other than Thee, hold us not back from Thy goodness, bless us in the lifespans Thou hast written for us, set aright for us the inmost center of our hearts, give us protection from Thee, cause us to act with the fairest of faith, and bring us to the month of fasting and the days and years that come after it, O Lord of Majesty and Splendor!

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